Food for Jay

Friday, 31 August 2012

Lately, Jay has been a rather fussy eater. After eating a few mouthfuls of his porridge, he gets restless and clamp his mouth shut. From then onwards, Mummy has to do all sorts of funny faces, singing, telling stories and scolding, just to get him to finish up his meal.

On weekdays, he has no problem eating his meals. Though it is also porridge, the flavors are different each day, depending on what my Mum will be cooking that day for our family lunch and dinner. However, on weekends, he will have the same porridge for both Saturday and Sunday, lunch and dinner.

Ok, I know it is very boring to have the same thing for both days. It is lazy Mummy’s fault. And when Jay is not eating, I will get very worried. He is considered small size, barely 10kg at 17 months.

So, Mummy has decided to try to introduce more varieties to his meals, hoping to arouse his interest in taking his meals. Here are what he ate over the last weekend.

Verdict: He did finish up his food, but very slowly. Mummy has to work harder and think of more interesting food to cook for him.

Many funny faces

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Everytime when I try to take a photo using my iPhone, Jay will always want to kpo and see what is on the screen. One day, I switched to the front camera. He was so excited when he saw himself and started making funny faces to himself.

My funny boy

Making lots of faces
 Mummy joined in the fun too.

We had fun

Self feeding

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What a mess!!

Let's go to the Istana!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We were early, so there wasn't any queue
We took the express lane

The weather was too hot. We took shelter in a tent.

Ice-cream on a hot day

We bought tickets to tour the Istana House. Reason because there is air-con inside!! There were display of ornaments and gifts from various countries that were presented to Singapore.

A fountain!! Jay ran towards the fountain and almost had a dip in it. He couldn’t even stand still for a photo. 

Playing peek-a-boo.

A play ground for the kids. Jay had fun playing here.

Vast green fields for him to run. 

I'm happy!!
We had a tired but fun day.

National Day 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012

Singapore celebrated her 47th birthday last week.  Happy Birthday Singapore!! 

Jay joined in the celebrations as well. See how happy the little boy is, waving the flag all around. 

We did craft in the morning. Since it is National Day, Mummy decided on a National Day themed craft. It has to be something simple since it is Jay's first time doing craft. 

Ta-daa... Jay's self-made (with lots of Mummy's help) flag filled with love.  

I had a hard time trying to get Jay to concentrate and stay still for the art. After pasting a few hearts, he started to run off for his toys. Sigh… my first craft with Jay and it failed!! Guess he was simply not interested or it was too difficult for him.

Later in the evening, we were all changed to go see the fireworks.

We reached just in time to see the flag and the planes flypast.

We found a spot to sit while waiting for the fireworks. As night falls, Jay started to get very cranky. He missed his afternoon nap and is really tired by now.

Finally, the fireworks begun. Jay was terrified of the sound and plus his crankiness, he cried through out the whole thing. 

This is his second National Day. His first was when he was only 5 months young. Hopefully he will not be afraid of the fireworks next year. 


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Finally, I have decided to get started on blogging. I have always wanted to start a blog back when I’m preggy but for whatever reasons I gave myself, the blog never get started.

Now, Little J is almost 18 months. He is easier to handle now, apart from the fact that he is showing early symptoms of his Terrible Twos. He is more predictable and we got our routine in order. This means that Mummy has more time to start on this blog!! 

This will be a place for me to pen down the memories of Jay’s growth, the precious time that we spend together as a family and the joy and laughter that we share.

I am not a very good writer or please pardon me for any mistakes.

On a last note, do enjoy your stay here. =)

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