Food for Jay

by - Friday, August 31, 2012

Lately, Jay has been a rather fussy eater. After eating a few mouthfuls of his porridge, he gets restless and clamp his mouth shut. From then onwards, Mummy has to do all sorts of funny faces, singing, telling stories and scolding, just to get him to finish up his meal.

On weekdays, he has no problem eating his meals. Though it is also porridge, the flavors are different each day, depending on what my Mum will be cooking that day for our family lunch and dinner. However, on weekends, he will have the same porridge for both Saturday and Sunday, lunch and dinner.

Ok, I know it is very boring to have the same thing for both days. It is lazy Mummy’s fault. And when Jay is not eating, I will get very worried. He is considered small size, barely 10kg at 17 months.

So, Mummy has decided to try to introduce more varieties to his meals, hoping to arouse his interest in taking his meals. Here are what he ate over the last weekend.

Verdict: He did finish up his food, but very slowly. Mummy has to work harder and think of more interesting food to cook for him.

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