National Day 2012

by - Friday, August 17, 2012

Singapore celebrated her 47th birthday last week.  Happy Birthday Singapore!! 

Jay joined in the celebrations as well. See how happy the little boy is, waving the flag all around. 

We did craft in the morning. Since it is National Day, Mummy decided on a National Day themed craft. It has to be something simple since it is Jay's first time doing craft. 

Ta-daa... Jay's self-made (with lots of Mummy's help) flag filled with love.  

I had a hard time trying to get Jay to concentrate and stay still for the art. After pasting a few hearts, he started to run off for his toys. Sigh… my first craft with Jay and it failed!! Guess he was simply not interested or it was too difficult for him.

Later in the evening, we were all changed to go see the fireworks.

We reached just in time to see the flag and the planes flypast.

We found a spot to sit while waiting for the fireworks. As night falls, Jay started to get very cranky. He missed his afternoon nap and is really tired by now.

Finally, the fireworks begun. Jay was terrified of the sound and plus his crankiness, he cried through out the whole thing. 

This is his second National Day. His first was when he was only 5 months young. Hopefully he will not be afraid of the fireworks next year. 

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