Mid Autumn Festival: The Lantern

Friday, 28 September 2012

The Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. This happens to be on the 30th September this year. It is believed that the moon on this day is the fullest and brightest. It symbolises the reunion of the family.

We are so excited to celebrate the occasion as a family. It is the time of the year when we get to stuff our mouth indulge ourselves with mooncakes of many different flavours. I especially love the snowskin mooncakes, yummy! Jay of course gets to have his first taste of mooncake too. It’s a pity that I did not manage to capture any photo of him eating mooncake. I shall try to get the photo done within these 2 days.

Another tradition of the Mid Autumn Festival is carrying lantern. I remember during my younger days, we used the traditional paper lanterns. We would gather at the void deck with a group of friends and walk around carrying the lanterns. The best part was the end when we would dig a hole at the playground (playgrounds of those days are sand playgrounds) and create a camp fire by burning our lanterns. Fire can simply be put off by shoving sand over it. Those were the days.

Hubby had some mooncakes at his office today and he saw the beautiful box. He thought we could make a lantern out of it. Ta-daa…here is our lantern made out of a mooncake box.

The Carlton lantern. The holes by the side of the box allow light to shine through, making a great lantern.

This is how it looks in the dark. We use light stick instead of candles. Jay will be playing with this lantern so candles will not be a good choice. After the festival, we can recycle this and use it as a lamp shade.

Colourful Snow

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We tear up some colour papers and throw it over Jay. Doesn’t it look like colourful snow? 

He is enjoying it to the max!

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Surprise Surprise Surprise

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

This week my parents went overseas and so we are tasked to be full time Daddy and Mummy.

Daddy was assigned the task on Monday and Tuesday. Today is my turn.

Daddy told me that Jay could shake his head for 'No'. I couldn't believe it because Jay could only nod his head. Well, today I witnessed it. I am really surprised. This is the video that Daddy took yesterday. 

Jay surprised me with another treasured moment. I was sleeping beside him during nap time. Usually he will just fall asleep lying on the bed. But today he crawled over to me, climbed on top and slept on my chest. I tried to lay him on the bed but he cling on so tightly to me. He fell asleep lying on my chest just like how he always sleep when he was a small little baby. Looking at him sleeping so soundly, it really melts my heart. I love you, my little darling!!

We went out for groceries shopping in the afternoon. I asked him to bring his shoes over so that I could help him to wear. Instead of taking his usual pair of shoes, he took another pair. 
The brown shoes are what he wears normally but he took the blue shoes to me.
I put the blue shoes back and took the brown shoes over. Guess what the little one did? He took the brown pair, put it back and brought the blue ones to me!! Oh my goodness, my little prince has really grown up!! He now has his own thoughts, he wants to make his own choices!! 
I want to wear the blue shoes!
Oh ya.. Jay also said two words, 'Ball' and 'Star'. I also spotted his 6th little pearly. What a great day full of surprises.

Jay is 18 months young

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Yes, you are a toddler now.

It is amazing how fast time flies. In a blink of an eye, you are already 18 months young. You are no longer the small little baby cradled in Mummy’s arms 18 months ago. Oh my, you are growing way too fast! I hope time can slow down so that I enjoy more of your babyhood cuteness and cheekiness. 
From birth through 18 months: Look at how much you have changed!!
At 18 months, you can run, real fast. You are always full of energy and provide us with lots of opportunity to exercise. You are very brave because you like to climb everywhere without any fear of falling off. You are also able to climb the stairs by holding onto the handrail. 

You have started on potty training. You are able to pee in the potty when we whistle. When you want to poo, you will say um-um and we will quickly bring you to the potty. But sometime you will secretly poo in your diaper. Cheekiness. 

You are now upgraded to sleeping on the mattress. In the middle of the night, you will wake up and ask to sleep with us on our bed. Daddy and Mummy hope you can learn to sleep independently soon. We always can’t sleep well when you are squeezing in with us, especially when you are practicing your kicks and somersaults in your dreams.

You like to point to objects and look at us with eager eyes, waiting for us to name the object to you. You tell us that you want to go gai gai by pulling us to the door and bringing your shoes to us. 

You are getting tired of the porridge that Mummy cooks and prefers to eat what we are eating. Mummy needs to brainstorm on what to cook for you to satisfy your craving for table food. You like to snatch the spoon from me, trying to feed yourself and loves creating a mess out of it. At 18 months, you weigh only 10kg, small size just like Daddy and Mummy. Your teeth are growing very slow, having only 5 teeth now. 

Lastly, not forgetting the times when you throw your tantrums. The most dread nightmare for all parents, rolling on the floor crying. My dear boy, we do not need your help to clean the floor for us. Hope that you will kick this habit soon. 

However, your speech development is kinda slow. This is really worrying us. Although many people mention that boys generally start talking later, we still can’t help but worry. You are babbling but we hope you can start talking in words soon.

Happy 18 months Jay!!

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