Cardboard Painting

by - Saturday, October 06, 2012

For the month of October, Sarah from The Playful Parents is organizing an October Playbook. It lists 31 activities to play with your child for the whole month of October. 

Day #6 is to create something out of cardboard. 6 October is also the Global Cardboard Challenge Day. Sarah also hosted the Cardboard Dreams event. Lots of amazing masterpiece turned up at the event.

I am awed by the creations done by the kids. We did not have the time to do something so elaborate and Jay definitely will not co-operate with us. So we did something easier – just simple painting on cardboard.

We started by painting the cardboard yellow. We cheated, I helped Jay to finish the painting because he was too busy playing with the paint.

Added red handprints to the board.

Then blue handprints.

And more handprints.

This boy likes the paint so much that he even tried to eat it. Oh dear!! But we had fun laughing at him.

This is the final product. I think it looks very artistic. 

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