Fun this Week #2 (21 Oct 12)

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We did not manage to do a lot of activities this weekend. Hubby was working and it was home alone for Jay and me. Furthermore, Jay was very cranky. He whined over the slightest thing and wanted me to stay by his side all the time.

Nonetheless, we tried to have some fun.

I made play dough and set him up to play. 

His first touch on the play dough.

Knife in action.

He did not really enjoy it. Maybe because the dough was too sticky. He does not like the feel of it in his hand. After a while he wants me to remove it.

I will let him try this the next time. It is great sensory fun for him.

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  1. think he will like it more once he realises how much he can create with it :) will try to link next week! more motivation to do something fun over the weekend haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes, I do hope he will enjoy it the next time. Looking forward to read your post next week.

  2. Little J looks fascinated! Hmmm great idea, I think I can do this soon. Just hope my son doesn't keep mouthing it.

    1. Geraldine, my boy mouthed it! Haha. It should be fine, because it is homemade with edible ingredients.