Jay is 19 months young

by - Friday, October 05, 2012

Hello my little darling, 

You are 19 months young today.

This month we had lots of fun. You experienced how it feels to have colourful papers falling on you. You had water play which you thoroughly enjoyed. You visited the playground. You enjoyed your food. You celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. You carried lantern, saw brightly lighted decorations and ate mooncakes.

You worried Mummy out during your last development assessment at 18 months. The Doc said to go back for another review in 3 months time as he suspects you could be ADHD. That’s like a thunderstorm to Mummy. How could you be ADHD? On one hand, Mummy insists that the doc is making a mountain out of a mole hill. On the other, Mummy just can’t help but worry. What if the Doc is right? What should Mummy do? What can we do to help you? It is like tons of question marks weighing down on me.

You are really active. You are always on the move and we hardly see you staying still for more than 10 min. That’s boys. However, you can really concentrate when you are doing things you like. For example, playing with doors, watching videos, eating your snacks or playing with your stuffs. You will totally ignore us when we call out to you. 

Your temper is still bad. You always get meltdowns when you can’t get things going your way. You will sit down on the floor and cry real loud. Sometimes you even roll on the floor. Mummy has always told you to ask for help. Daddy’s and Mummy’s hands are just nearby if you need a helping hand. Just ask. Don’t cry. Don’t scream. 

Despite all these terrible behaviors from you, you are still the dearest, cutest, sweetest darling to Daddy and Mummy. We love you lots!!

This month we saw some improvements in you. We can see that you are trying to talk. 

Mummy heard you saying ‘bye bye’ while waving your hands. 

You can say ‘up’ when you want to go onto the bed. You also associate ‘up’ with stairs, perhaps due to your daily exercise climbing up and down the stairs. 

‘Hot hot’
You will say ‘hot hot’ when Mummy brings out the yummilicious food because we always say ‘hot hot, don’t touch’. 

You like poking our eyes and saying ‘Eyes’ at the same time. Then, you will laugh real loud when we say pain pain.

You say ‘eat’ when you want to eat something. 

‘Da Dee’
Does this means ‘Daddy’? When is Mummy going to hear your ‘Mummy’?

These add on to your current vocabulary library: Star, Ball, Shoe, Fish, Uh Oh, Hi.

You understand instructions better now. You know how to put your dirty clothes to the washing machine. You know how to wake Daddy up from bed. You know how to give us hugs and kisses. You love talking on the phone.

Keep up the good work boy!!

Lots of love and kisses

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