My Mummy's weekend

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On a normal weekday, Mummy will wake up at 6.30am to get herself and me ready. We will  leave for Grandma’s house at 7.15am and Mummy goes to work at 8.00am.

On a weekend, I will sleep in later. Usually, I will be up at 7 plus but Mummy is still sleeping away. I will laze around on the bed and let her sleep a bit longer. 

I really can’t stand lying on the bed doing nothing. I want to go out play! So I try to get Mummy to wake up. I shove her, pull her hands, climb onto her, call her, starts to shout, and she’s finally awake. I take Mummy’s hand, guide her to the door and nod my head telling her I want to go out. She opens the door and I found freedom!

Mummy feeds me milk. 

After I finish my milk, I play while Mummy is busy in the bathroom washing up. 

Mummy changes me and says we are going downstairs for a walk. I love going for walks!! We walk, run and play with bubbles. Sometimes I get to meet new friend, like this cute little doggie. The playground is a must go during our morning walk.

It’s time to go home for my bath. I am all sweaty but still sweet-smelling. After my bath, Mummy loads the laundry into the washing machine. She also prepares breakfast for me.

It is free and easy time for me. I will be busy playing while Mummy and Daddy are busy doing housework. But I won’t let them work in peace. On and off, I will cry for their attention. Naughty me, as Mummy always says.

I am all exhausted. It is nap time and Mummy accompanies me till I fall asleep. I know she will secretly sneak out of the room to continue her housework. Do we really have that much housework to do? Prepare breakfast, lunch, snack, milk and dinner. Wash, hang, keep, fold and iron laundry. Change and wash bed sheets. Vacuum and mop floor. Clean shelves and cupboard. Clean kitchen and bathrooms. It's not a lot, right?

I wake up for my lunch. I am feeling full of energy to start my play again!! 

Mummy has finished washing the dishes from lunch. We will usually visit my Grandparents, sometimes we will go out, and sometimes we will just laze around at home. If we go out, we will go shopping, or a trip to the library, or indoor playground, or swimming.

We usually reach home before 8 for my sleep time. Mummy will bath and change me, feed me milk and brush my teeth. After she finishes her bath, we are off to the room and lights off. 

If I am tired, I will fall asleep by 9. If I am being cheeky, I can turn and roll on the bed for a long while before finally falling asleep. Mummy sometimes falls asleep together with me. Guess she is too tired from all the day activities. 

Mummy sneaks out of the room again. This is the start of her ‘Me’ time when she gets to do her own things, such as watching drama, checking her FB, writing her blog. I shall be a good boy and not disturb her till the next day. 

Daddy and Mummy come into the room and sleep with me. Sweet dreams to the both of them. Sometimes, naughty me will climb onto their bed in the middle of the night to squeeze in between them. Lastly, not forgetting to practice my kicks on them during my sleep.

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  1. A very welcome perspective through the eyes of a 19 month old toddler! :)

    Thanks for sharing your day, Little J!

    1. Thanks Auntie Regina.

      Hugs from Little Jay.

  2. Your mummy cooks really nice and healthy lunch for you. I love your day Little Jay!

  3. Love love! So cute to see it through his eyes instead! :)

  4. I love the healthy yummy lunch your mummy makes for you. Nice day Little J!

  5. Thanks Geraldine! It's pan fry salmon with sauteed broccoli and mushroom.