Thank You Little Jay

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It was a normal afternoon nap. You crawled towards me and looked at me in the eyes. I looked back at you, you laid your head on my chest, closed your eyes and fall asleep.

Looking at you, emotions came over me and tears start running down my face. It was tears of gratefulness, of relief and of thankfulness. Thank you for coming into our lives.

How happy we were when the pregnancy test showed positive.

How difficult it was for me to endure the morning sickness. And not forgetting the hunger pangs.

How worried we were when bleeding episodes hit me. How I was so worried when I had to be hospitalized and confined to bed rest.

How I had to endure the labor pain when the nurse say it was too late to take epidural because you were already on your way out. Thankfully you gave me a very fast delivery so that I do not need to endure the pain for too long.

How lost I was being a first time mummy. I had no idea why you kept crying despite you were already fed, changed and carried. I was so desperate that I suspect I was falling into desperation soon.

Gradually, things started to get better. You sleep better, you drink better, you become more predictable. My milk supply also becomes more stable.

You smiled when we smile at you. You started to giggle which eventually turns to laughter.  Did I mention how contagious your laughter was?

You become more mobile. You learnt to turn over, sit, crawl, walk, run and climb. You learnt to babble, sign and talk. You are always bringing laughter and joy to the people around you.

Thank you for all the valuable lessons you have taught us. Thank you for teaching us to be more patient, forgiving and generous. Thank you for teaching us to slow down our pace and enjoy the moment. Thank you for teaching us not to too particular over the smallest things.

Once again, thank you for coming into our lives.

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  1. Nice post Jolin :) I thank my son for going through so much with us and teaching me to be a better person!

    "Too late to take epidural" oh no...! Write your birth story, I love reading these :)

  2. Its so sweet to read this, and I think he will appreciate such letters next time when he can read! It's so true that we're learning from our kids all the time! :)