Fun this Week #6: It's not fun week

by - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week is a not fun week. Both Little J and Me are down with stomach flu. 

Little J started getting sick on Thursday. He vomited and had diarrhea. It was so heart-breaking to see him so sick. He was crying with hunger yet we couldn't feed him any food because he will vomit everything out. 

Then, I started to get sick on Friday night. My stomach was rumbling away and I thought it could be due to hunger. I grabbed something to eat but vomited everything. I tried to sleep the terrible feeling away but the pain got worse. Throughout the night I was practically sleeping next to the toilet bowl. 

Little J was still sick. We were both vomiting away. Daddy J suggested that we should go to the hospital. Doctor said that I was dehydrated and should be admitted for further monitoring. Thinking not to spread the virus around other family members, I admitted myself to the hospital. 

I spent my weekend in the hospital with more vomiting and diarrhea. I was also on the drip for dehydration.

After 2 days of stay, I got better though I still feel nauseous whenever I eat anything. My appetite is very bad. Just seeing food will makes my feel like vomiting.

I am glad the whole episode is now over. Little J has recovered and back to his active self. I am also on the road to recovery. Stomach flu is really a terrible experience. It is lucky that Daddy J has not fallen into the hands of the virus.

So this was a not fun week for us. Hope that you had a fun week.

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