Fun this Week #7 - Pom Poms Fun

by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I set out some Pom Poms and invited Little J to play.

He loves throwing the pom poms and seeing them bounce.

He picked up the tong. I was hoping that he would use it to pick up the pom poms but he just dumped the tong aside and continued throwing the pom poms.

I arranged the pom poms on the ice tray and he pushed them into the individual holes.

He picked up the tray, put in some pom poms and swing the tray to see the pom poms flew away.

He turned the tray over and start drumming on it.

I passed him a bottle and he started to put the pom poms into the bottle patiently and with great concentration. 

Isn't it colorful?

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