We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo - Part 2

by - Thursday, November 01, 2012

Following from Part 1 .

The best part of the trip for Little J is the Rainforest Kidzworld. Here, we saw a Kampung House. I must say such houses are really cooling. The moment we stepped in the house we can feel the difference in temperature. We stayed in the house for a while to cool down. Be warned, this house is full of creepy crawlies.

A giant cockroach
Cabinet with scary worms in it
Oldies TV
Next, we went to visit the farm animals. 

This falabella was doing his business as we were taking this photo
Goats lazing around
Little J had a go at feeding the goats. He was all excited about it. Initially, we fed them grass but they did not seem very interested. However when it is their feeding time, which they are fed with carrots and long beans, all the goats came grabbing for the veggies. The way the goats rushed and fought for the food scared Little J a bit and he did not want to feed them anymore. So Hubby finished up the job.

Feeding goats with grass
Excited with feeding the goat
Goats not interested with grass
Goats super love veggies. All fighting to eat.
Next up is water play which Little J absolutely loves. 

Catching water
Catching water
Giant tub of water raining down
Daddy and son enjoying a slide
Slide + water = Jay's favorite
All good things must come to an end. Little Jay enjoyed the water play so much that he cried when he brought him away to change. 

On our way out, we quickly whisked through those animals which we missed earlier. 

Tall tall Giraffe
Lion just coming out of it hiding place
Meerkat - 1 looking, 1 hiding
White Rhino
We saw a Peacock roaming around
It was a fun and tiring day for us. Not to mention the weather was really really hot. Little J did not nap during the trip and he KO-ed during our way home.


This was our first trip to the Zoo with Little J. We know how difficult it is to bring a toddler for a long trip. Hence, I would like to share some Zoo survival tips for such trips.

The Zoo is stroller friendly, so bring along a stroller or you can rent it there for $9. You never know when the little ones will be tired from walking and want you to carry them. You could just break your hands and back from carrying them. The stroller can also be used to put your belongings, freeing your hands from the heavy weight.

Lots of water 
With the hot weather and all the running, keeping your body hydrated is very important. If possible, try to buy bottled water from other places. Bottled water is expensive  at the Zoo.

Sandwiches, biscuits or fruits are good choices. Kids get hungry very fast as they run around.  You can just stop anytime, anywhere for a quick bite. The food at the food court that is quite expensive in my opinion. The other eatery is KFC which is unhealthy food for kids.

You do not want the delicate skin of your little ones or yourself to get sunburned. So apply and re-apply whenever needed.

Light clothings
I need not say too much about this.

There are official photographers to help you take photos which you may buy from them. However, the photos are expensive. Unless you want to buy it as a remembrance. The photographers can help to take your photo using your own cameras and you can keep them for free.

For the hot sun and rain

Small electric fan / wet towel 
These can help to cool yourself and the kids. A quick wipe can help to keep yourself fresh.

Take your time
Do not rush through all the exhibits. Slow down and enjoy the park with your little ones. Allow time for the kids to marvel at the animals. Explain to them. You can always come back anytime. I'm sure they will pester you to bring them there again.

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  1. Little J has so much fun at the water playground and feeding the goats! And you've got a nice shot of the meerkat :) I will bring Little Chuck to the zoo again when he's able to walk!

    1. Thanks Geraldine. Yes, the meerkats are very cute. Lucky they stay still long enough for us to capture such a nice shot of them.

      You should bring Little Chuck to the zoo. I'm sure he will enjoy it.