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by - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If you have noticed, I have been missing from here for quite a while. This is the reason why.

We are proud to announce a new addition to our J family!
I have been wanting to write about this since I first found out that I'm preggy. But my immune system was so low, that I keep falling sick for the first 2-3 months. Coupled with morning sickness, I was totally drained of energy and strength to do anything. I could only think of sleep everyday I reached home. It was until this month that I start to feel better and more energetic. 

3 Nov 12 
Tested positive. We were so happy on seeing the '+' on the stick. All the excitement of being pregnant with Little J came back. 

Bump at 5 weeks
17 Nov 12
First time seeing baby. Actually, this was not my scheduled visit to the gynae. I was down with stomach flu and was in such pain. We thought it would be safer for me to be admitted to KKH for observation. True enough, the doctor say I was dehydrated and had to be admitted. He did a scan and baby was doing fine. Managed to hear his heartbeat for the first time.

Had to be put on drip
The little beanie at 6 weeks
27 Nov 12
Scheduled visit to my gynae. In just 10 days, he had grown from a small beanie to a bigger beanie. 

Bigger beanie at 7 weeks - CRL 1.3cm
28 Dec 12
Oscar scan at week 12. Baby had grown into a human form. Unfortunately, the result did not come out favorable. I was so upset over this. I tried to Google for more information and some people commented that Oscar scan might not be very accurate. Gynae also mentioned that many of her patients failed the scan, went for amnio and everything turned out fine at the end. We contemplated for a long time and decided to go for amnio test. 

Week 12 - Side view profile, CRL 5.7cm
Week 16. Having a peek at his little face.
15 Feb 12
Appointment for Amnio and detailed scan at week 19. The scan shows a boy. I was secretly hoping for a girl, but… Well, at this point, the gender doesn’t matter to me. I was just hoping that the test goes well and everything is fine with baby. I also started feeling his kicks at Week 17. 

Week 19. Weight 300g
Baby bump at 4 months
25 Feb 12
Amnio results are out. Everything is perfectly normal. Phew, I can finally stop worrying and start shopping for baby stuffs. Baby seemed to be able to feel the good news and he was dancing happily inside me. How wonderful the feeling was.

Bump at 5 months
Our second love - Can't wait to see you in July

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  1. Wow, glad the amnio tests show things are normal, i can imagine the huge load lifted off your shoulders!! Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and hope you won't fall sick again, take care!

    1. Ya, the Amnio test is really so worrying. Worried about the results and also the risk of miscarriage after the procedure. I'm glad that everything is over. I guess the first trimester is when the body is adjusting to the hormones changes, that's why immune system was so low. Now is 2nd trimester..the honeymoon period. Gonna enjoy myself before 3rd trimester comes.

  2. aww wow you are beautiful with your preggy tummy. Congrats! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. glad that everything is well! and congratulations!

    the sex of the child really don't matter. all that matters is that he/she is healthy! :D