Happy 2nd Birthday J

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

He came into our lives in March 2011 and now he has turned 2. How fast time flies. It seemed like just yesterday that he was born and placed into my arms for the first time.

Then vs Now

For his birthday last week, we brought him to Sentosa to have a fun-filled day.

First stop: Breakfast at McDonald's. He calls it M.

Second stop: Cable car station. Initially, we wanted to take the Angry Bird cable car but it has already ended last month. So we settled for the normal ones. It was Hubby's and Little J's first time taking the cable car. Little J was so excited about the ride that he could not stay still for a photo. The view from the top was spectacular. We were lucky that the weather was fine, not too hot nor rainy.

Little J was trying to say ‘Hi’ but he was distracted by the moving cars
Distracted by the scenery outside
The new Adventure Cove Waterpark. We will visit it when Little J gets older.
He’s learning to take the escalator
Third stop: Port of Lost Wonder. Little J enjoys playing with water, so we hope he will enjoy himself here. It started to rain the moment we reach here, therefore we decided to have our lunch first. After our lunch, the sun is back again and fun starts. It started to get very hot but the two boys enjoyed the cooling splash of the water. We stayed there for a good two hours and headed off to our last stop.

Port of Lost Wonder
Our lunch at Port Belly
All changed and ready to have some splashing fun

The weather is so hot
Enjoying ice-pop. Yummy!
Changed, fed and ready to go
On the way to SEA Aquarium
Fourth stop: Our last stop is the S.E.A. Aquarium. Little J likes looking at fishes. He knows how to imitate the fish by shaking his head and opening and closing his mouth like a fish. We saw many species of marine animals. Little J also enjoyed running around. The best part is the gigantic aquarium. With the soothing music in the background and seeing the marine animals swimming in front of us, it feels as if we were underwater. Little J also fell asleep here. Guess he was too tired after the whole day.


Touching crab at the Discovery Touch Pool
J doesn't dare to touch the real crab. So he touched a fake crab instead. 
Gigantic Aquarium
Fascinated by the huge number of fishes in the tank 

Fall asleep under the soothing music
A souvenir
With that, we bade good bye to Sentosa.

We took the cable car back to Harbour Front. The wind was so strong that the car was shaking. Quite frightening I say.
A fun-filled day

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  1. Happy birthday J! Looked like her had a fun fun day.