Little J Goes to School

by - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ever since I got pregnant with Baby J, I have spent less time doing activities with Little J. His frequency of outings has also decreased, even our weekly morning walks had to be cancelled. I am feeling so guilty over this and regret that I am not doing enough for his learning developments. Especially now that he is in the stage where he is really curious and learns really fast.

So, Daddy and Mummy have decided to send him to school. Well, it is not really school, but a weekend playgroup. We thought it would be a great opportunity for him to learn to interact with other children and learn more things.

He started his first lesson last Saturday. Since it was his first time in class, he couldn't sit and stay still like other children. He prefers to walk around and touching every single things he could come in contact with. He was also reluctant to play with kids as well. 

Exploring the surroundings
Trying to open the door
With one of the Teachers
It is a one and a half hour class. We started with free play and follow by a greeting song. We then sing the phonics song with emphasis on the Letter of the week. We are on the letter L this week and we read a story about wild animals with introduction to the Lion. We then proceed to make a lion mask and face painting to look like a lion. Of course, J was reluctant to let the teacher paint his face and he also can't concentrate on the craft. End up, I did this mask for him. A lion with hair all around the face. 

Lion Mask
After the craft session, it is time for Montessori activities. The teacher will introduce a particular activity and the kids are encouraged to try it out. Or they could choose to do other activities. J played with the puzzle for a while and starts to roam the room again.

Playing with puzzle
We ended the class by singing the good bye song. I hope that J will slowly learn to appreciate the class and will behave more appropriately in his future lessons. 

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  1. Give him sometime to get used to. He'll love school eventually! ;)