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Thursday, 30 May 2013

SMB has turned 1 and to commemorate this remarkable milestone, they have organized various activities for members to take part. There was a makeover workshop and a baking workshop. This time they organized an art class, sponsored by heART Studio. I am glad that I was able to take part in the class.

I must admit that I am NOT an arty person. Neither am I creative. I can’t draw well, I can’t design, I do not know how to blend colors. So, when my drawing turned out like this, I am pretty amazed by myself.

My final masterpiece
All thanks to heART Studio.

For this lesson, we had to recreate this drawing by Hughes Claude Pissarro using oil pastels on canvas. Looking at the sample, it seemed so difficult and I had no idea where to start. 

The art piece we are suppose to draw
Thankfully, both Teacher Gaz and Teacher Elma provided us with clear instructions and were also patient in guiding us. They shared that the technique is to use quick, short strokes to blend in the oil pastels. We could also blend in different colors  to create different tones of colors. 

Firstly, we have to use a light color to outline the horizon and the main subjects. Then we fill in the colors for the background using quick, short strokes. Lastly we color in the sails and outline them. After one and a half hour, the art is done. Time passed so fast because we were all very absorbed in doing our masterpiece.

We ended the day with a group photo. Thanks to all the Mummies, the class was such fun.

Photo credit: Rachel of  Catch 40 Winks
heART Studio conducts adult canvas classes to teach basic art sketching to canvas art. It takes just 2 person to start a class. The school also offers art classes for children 3 to 12 years old. You should see the art work done by the children. They are so much better than what we did.

For more information:
heART Studio
Address: 101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385 (Upper Thomson Area)


This painting class was organised in conjunction with SMB's 1st birthday celebration and kindly sponsored by heART Studio. All opinions are 100% mine.

A Fulfilling Week

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It was the long weekend last week and I am proud to shout out that I had a very fulfilling week!

I managed to bake some muffins. Though it was not the best but it was able to satisfy my longing to bake.

I managed to make Konnyaku Jelly. It is definitely a great treat during this hot weather.

I managed to change a new look for my blog and also set up a Facebook page. Do hop over and 'Like' the page.

I also managed to attend an art class with other Mummies. It was great fun to learn how to draw and to interact with the rest. Blog post on this coming up.

Lastly, we also managed to pack and wash Baby J's clothing in preparation for his arrival.

What did you do over the long weekend? Hope you had as much fun as I do.

New Look on the Blog

Monday, 27 May 2013

Did you notice something different with the blog?

Yes! The blog just gotten a new look. I was so excited to set up the new look that I forgot to capture a screen-shot of the old look. So, here's the new look.

Together with the new look, I have also set up a facebook page for The Js Arena. Do hop over to 'Like' the page. You may also click 'Like' via the FB widget on the left column.

RWS Staycation

Monday, 20 May 2013

Last week, we had a staycation at RWS. It was our mini holiday as a family before Baby J is born. The stay was fun and we truly enjoyed the moment we had with each other. 

1: Yoz... how do I look?
2: We are so looking forward to our holiday.

We checked-in to the hotel and proceed to USS. I will let the photos do the talking here.

The next day, we went to the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Little J loves water, so he really enjoyed himself here. Since I could not take most of the rides, I looked after Little J while Daddy J went to experience the rest of the park. He said it was really enjoyable and exciting. It was a very, very hot day and we were all sunburned.

After that we went to SEA Aquarium. This is our second time here and this time the dolphin exhibit is opened. Read more about our previous visit here

On the last day before we checked out, we went to the pool at Hard Rock Hotel to enjoy the sandy beach.

Happy time passes real fast, our short holiday has come to an end. All three of us were tired out from the three days of fun.

Undivided Love

Thursday, 9 May 2013

How many times have we lamented that our child is taking too much of our time? How often have we ever hoped that the child will be more independent and stop calling for 'Mummy, Mummy'? Well, I am guilty of these. 

Sometimes I could be busy with my own stuffs, but Little J wants me to play with him. Or, just simply be beside him while he plays. I would tell him 'Mummy is busy. You play by yourself ok?' Sometimes he does listen; sometimes he will throw his temper and insist that I go with him by pulling my hand or even to the extent of crying and rolling on the floor. 

Due to my busy schedule, I believe that I must have missed some of his precious moments. For example, when he was happily playing and suddenly shout out for me, I would just say 'Yes?' without looking up at him. Or, when he was desperately trying to drag me along to show me something special and I did not respond to him. I guess he must be disappointed with my unexcited response.

I realise that he has become much stickier ever since I am pregnant with Baby J. He insists that we (either Daddy J or me) to be beside him wherever he goes. He insists to sleep with us on the same bed. He insists that we play or talk with him. Sometimes his behaviour really annoys us. 

Each night when I look at him as he sleeps, I realise that perhaps we are too harsh on him. He only wants our attention and our participation. Something that is so simple yet we are not able to give him as we are too absorbed in doing our own stuffs. Maybe he behaves this way because he knows that there will be someone sharing our love soon. He wants to enjoy our undivided love for as long as he can now. So baby, Mummy has decided to spend more of my attention on you. I am going to savor and enjoy all the moments I spend with you. I will participate in your play. I will give you more hugs and kisses and cuddles you whenever I can. You are Mummy's baby boy!

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What's in My Bag

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Linking up with Adeline from The Accidental Mom Blogger, here's a peek at what are the things I have in my bag.

1. A plastic bag
This has been in my bag ever since I am pregnant, for standby when I feel nauseous and needs to puke. 

2. Bills
Credit card bills, gynae check up bills and even the ultrascan of the little baby.

3. Umbrella

4. Medication & sour plums 
Sour plums is for me to eat when I feel nauseous. 

5. Wristlet
To contain the small barangs barangs - Charger, ear piece, ibanking token, tissues, keys, staff pass, etc.

6. Wallet

7. $50 which I surprisingly found at the bottom of my bag. Yeah, I am richer by $50.

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Where am I?
Ta-Daa... Here I am

Baby J's 28 weeks Check-up

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Visited gynae for Baby J's 28 weeks check up. 

This time he is weighing 1.2kg. 

A blur shot of his face
He has been really active recently. He keeps moving and scraping his bones in my womb even when it is time to sleep. Sometimes his movement is so strong that I feel painful. 

Little J was born around 38 weeks and doctor said Baby J could be even earlier. Oh dear, I don't want that to happen. I want him to stay in as long as possible.

If he really comes out at 38 weeks, that means I will only have 10 weeks left. Everything just seems so unreal. I still have a long list of things to do before he is out.

1) Take out Little J's newborn clothes, sort and wash them
2) Pack Little J's drawers to make space for Baby J's stuffs
3) Rearrange the furniture in Little J's room to make way for the bed for confinement lady and Baby J's cot
4) Buy herbs and stuffs for confinement 
5) Pack hospital bag
6) Buy a gift for Little J on behalf of Baby J
7) Think of a name for Baby J
8) Other stuffs that I couldn’t think of now

Learning to Let Go

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

We were playing at the playground when Little J had a fall. Gasp! I felt my heart skipped a beat. Being a paranoid mum, I would have rushed over and have my hands all over him checking for any injuries and asking if he was alright, if he was hurt or feel pain. 

But no! I forced myself to stay on the bench and act aloft. 'It's ok darling! Stand up!' I shouted to him. He slowly stood up, swept his knees with his hands and continued running and playing happily. Panicky me was still trying to steal glances at his knees to see if he had scraped them. But the boy was enjoying himself so much as if the fall never happened.

I am learning to let go. My little baby boy is learning to be a big boy.

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