Baby J's 28 weeks Check-up

by - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visited gynae for Baby J's 28 weeks check up. 

This time he is weighing 1.2kg. 

A blur shot of his face
He has been really active recently. He keeps moving and scraping his bones in my womb even when it is time to sleep. Sometimes his movement is so strong that I feel painful. 

Little J was born around 38 weeks and doctor said Baby J could be even earlier. Oh dear, I don't want that to happen. I want him to stay in as long as possible.

If he really comes out at 38 weeks, that means I will only have 10 weeks left. Everything just seems so unreal. I still have a long list of things to do before he is out.

1) Take out Little J's newborn clothes, sort and wash them
2) Pack Little J's drawers to make space for Baby J's stuffs
3) Rearrange the furniture in Little J's room to make way for the bed for confinement lady and Baby J's cot
4) Buy herbs and stuffs for confinement 
5) Pack hospital bag
6) Buy a gift for Little J on behalf of Baby J
7) Think of a name for Baby J
8) Other stuffs that I couldn’t think of now

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