Undivided Love

by - Thursday, May 09, 2013

How many times have we lamented that our child is taking too much of our time? How often have we ever hoped that the child will be more independent and stop calling for 'Mummy, Mummy'? Well, I am guilty of these. 

Sometimes I could be busy with my own stuffs, but Little J wants me to play with him. Or, just simply be beside him while he plays. I would tell him 'Mummy is busy. You play by yourself ok?' Sometimes he does listen; sometimes he will throw his temper and insist that I go with him by pulling my hand or even to the extent of crying and rolling on the floor. 

Due to my busy schedule, I believe that I must have missed some of his precious moments. For example, when he was happily playing and suddenly shout out for me, I would just say 'Yes?' without looking up at him. Or, when he was desperately trying to drag me along to show me something special and I did not respond to him. I guess he must be disappointed with my unexcited response.

I realise that he has become much stickier ever since I am pregnant with Baby J. He insists that we (either Daddy J or me) to be beside him wherever he goes. He insists to sleep with us on the same bed. He insists that we play or talk with him. Sometimes his behaviour really annoys us. 

Each night when I look at him as he sleeps, I realise that perhaps we are too harsh on him. He only wants our attention and our participation. Something that is so simple yet we are not able to give him as we are too absorbed in doing our own stuffs. Maybe he behaves this way because he knows that there will be someone sharing our love soon. He wants to enjoy our undivided love for as long as he can now. So baby, Mummy has decided to spend more of my attention on you. I am going to savor and enjoy all the moments I spend with you. I will participate in your play. I will give you more hugs and kisses and cuddles you whenever I can. You are Mummy's baby boy!

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