Dear Baby J

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dear Baby J,

We have finally reached 37 weeks of gestation, meaning you are now a full term baby. The next few weeks will be a waiting game. I can feel that you are about to pop anytime.

I can't believe that 9 months went by in just a flash. It seems like yesterday that I found out that you are growing inside of me. Now, you are about to say 'hello' to the world. 

I'm going to miss the days you spent being part of me. How I can carry you around 24 hours a day, every single minute, every single second. I will also miss the way you move and dance inside of me, something that only I can feel. I love looking at the way you shape my tummy, sometimes pointed, sometimes skewed to one side and sometimes making waves. Not forgetting the little hiccups that makes my tummy goes 'thump thump thump'. Sometimes I thought I can even feel your heartbeat beating away. Being able to feel 2 heartbeats (or at least knowing it) is such a fascinating feeling.

Of course, not all pregnancies are smooth sailing. Along the way, we did meet some little problems. But thank you for being strong and always being there for me to give me the strength to carry on. Thank you for all the blessings for the past 9 months. After you are born, Mommy will also be right beside you, giving you all the love and support you need.

Though this is the second time being a Mommy again, I can't help but feel excited all over again. I can't wait to hold you in my arms, I can't wait to smell your baby scent and I can't wait to hear your cries (but not too much though). So baby, any time when you are ready... We will see you soon!

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Post-natal Worries

Friday, 14 June 2013

Most people might think that it will be a 'Happily ever after' ending after giving birth. It will be so blissful to have a newborn to the family. It will be 'Oh... so cute!!' everyday. But there are woes behind this beautiful picture that others might not know.

Here are 5 things which I fear most after giving birth.

1) Wound pain 
I remember my wound during Little J's time was so painful that I have problem moving around. I can't even sit without feeling the extreme pain. This time I got myself prepared. A float ring to sit on to minimize the pain.

2) Strange hormones at work
These hormones can work in such a way that makes you feel like you are a lousy mother and want to give up the job. They make you cry for no reason, make you feel so down and make you feel like a total loser. I hope this time the hormones can co-operate with me and not stress me out.

3) Breastfeeding problems
I understand that different people have different milk supply. Some get their supply the moment the baby is born but some might take some time for the supply to be built up. But please do not keep telling me things like 'You not enough milk', 'Breastmilk is not filling for baby. Give formula milk better' or 'Baby is hungry AGAIN'.

4) Hair loss
I love being pregnant because during this period, hormones changes gives me thicker and luscious hair. Hair seems to grow faster and there is lesser hairfall. But after giving birth, the nightmare begins. Hair starts to fall like nobody business. It is like the trees shedding their leaves during autumn. I better start looking around for a hair loss solution.

5) Sleepless night
Night feeding needs no further explanation.

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WW: Priceless Expressions

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Was looking through some old photos and found these. These were taken while we were trying to take his passport photo. The expressions are priceless and great!

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{Giveaway} Manicure & Pedicure at Origins Nail Spa

Monday, 10 June 2013

In my previous post, I mentioned about not being able to wash my feet or cut my toenails now that I'm heavily pregnant at week 34. When Origins Nail Spa invites me to try out their service, I immediately agreed. Thinking back, it has been more than a year since I last went for a Mani & Pedi session. Ever since I was pregnant with Little J, I have stopped doing Mani & Pedi because I was afraid of the effects of the chemical. I only do up my nails on special occasions such as weddings or Chinese New Year.

Still wary of the ill-effects of the chemicals, I informed them that I am pregnant. They recommend me to use the Zoya range of nail polish which is said to be free from the 5 main harmful chemicals contained in normal polishes. They are also among the very few nail spa which has option of less chemical polish and also organic gelish for client. They even have kids range which is non-toxic and odorless, perfect for parents who wants to doll up their little princesses. 

Wide range of colors
Beautiful nails

After I had settled down in the cozy armchair, we started with the pedicure first. 

It started with a soak for the feet, followed by trimming and filing of the nails. Cuticle oil was applied and feet was soaked again. After a few minutes of soaking, the manicurist proceed to remove the dead skin and cuticle. Then, came the most enjoyable part, the scrub and mask! I have chosen chocolate, which has the properties of Anti Oxidant, Repair, Rejuvenate and Firming. After the mask, it is time to 'paint' the nails. I have choose a reddish tone. 

The same procedure was applied for the hands.

Before & After
The whole session was soothing and relaxing, which I really love. I had been to other salons where the manicurist will keep on talking non stop or hard selling. But it's not the case here. She will let u relax in peace and will seek your opinion when necessary. If they had put on some essential oil and play soothing music, I think I would have fallen asleep. 

The only concern for me was that the session was too long, almost 4 hours. There was only one manicurist doing everything for me, so that explains why it was so long. 


Here's your chance to win a complimentary Classic Manicure session. Simply follow the steps below and you could be a lucky winner. Closing date 23 June 2013.

1) Like The Js Arena Fanpage
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Updated: Congrats to Pixiel for winning the complimentary Classic Manicure. We will contact you shortly.


In conjunction with the GSS, Origins Nail Spa is also offering all readers a special promotion. Simply print out the coupon below and make an appointment.

Origins Nail Spa
Venue: 644 Bukit Batok Central #01-68, Singapore, Singapore 650644
Contact No.: 6565 0350
Operating hours: Mon - Fri (11am - 6pm), Sat & Public Holidays (10am - 6pm) (CLOSED on Sundays)


I was given a complimentary Classic manicure + classic pedicure + a choice of 100% natural ingredients scrub and mask (valued at $131) for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

4 Weeks or Less to go

Friday, 7 June 2013

In 4 weeks or less, I will be a Mummy again.
In 4 weeks or less, Little J will be a big brother.
In 4 weeks or less, I will be holding a little baby in my arms again.
In 4 weeks or less, I will be smelling the sweet scent of baby again.
All the joy in 4 weeks or less.

I'm at week 34. Based on Little J's birth at 38 weeks, that means I'm only left with 4 weeks or less to go. Of course, I do hope that he will stay in longer but if he really wants to see the world sooner, I am more than welcome to see him too.

See that big bump? With a big bump in front of me, there are a number of things that I'm not able to do anymore.

1) I can't find my feet.
Because I can't find my feet, I have problem climbing down stairs. I'm afraid I will miss a step and trip.

2) I can't wash my feet, I can't cut my toenails
The big bump prevents me from bending down, so I can no longer touch my feet. Much less do anything to it.

3) I can't stand on one foot.
The big and heavy bump puts pressure on my pelvic area. I can't stand on one foot and this means I have to sit down to wear my pants.

4) I can't sit all the way in at my desk.

5) Difficulty getting up from everywhere. The bed, the sofa, the floor, the chair, etc.

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