Post-natal Worries

by - Friday, June 14, 2013

Most people might think that it will be a 'Happily ever after' ending after giving birth. It will be so blissful to have a newborn to the family. It will be 'Oh... so cute!!' everyday. But there are woes behind this beautiful picture that others might not know.

Here are 5 things which I fear most after giving birth.

1) Wound pain 
I remember my wound during Little J's time was so painful that I have problem moving around. I can't even sit without feeling the extreme pain. This time I got myself prepared. A float ring to sit on to minimize the pain.

2) Strange hormones at work
These hormones can work in such a way that makes you feel like you are a lousy mother and want to give up the job. They make you cry for no reason, make you feel so down and make you feel like a total loser. I hope this time the hormones can co-operate with me and not stress me out.

3) Breastfeeding problems
I understand that different people have different milk supply. Some get their supply the moment the baby is born but some might take some time for the supply to be built up. But please do not keep telling me things like 'You not enough milk', 'Breastmilk is not filling for baby. Give formula milk better' or 'Baby is hungry AGAIN'.

4) Hair loss
I love being pregnant because during this period, hormones changes gives me thicker and luscious hair. Hair seems to grow faster and there is lesser hairfall. But after giving birth, the nightmare begins. Hair starts to fall like nobody business. It is like the trees shedding their leaves during autumn. I better start looking around for a hair loss solution.

5) Sleepless night
Night feeding needs no further explanation.

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  1. Oh, I totally empathize with all 5! But having gone through all the challenges once, am sure you'll do great for the second round, having experience behind you! Hang in there! :)