Baby J - 3 Months

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby J has turned 3 months. I have only 2 more weeks of maternity leave and will be back to work. I will be missing him so much. Miss his smiles, his cries and his hugs.

Some of the major events during his 3rd month:
- Attended his first wedding.
- Had his first baby bash with 40 over other babies.
- Went to the bird park.
- Had his first swim.
First swim
First baby bash

He also picked up some bad habits. Hope that he will kick these habits soon.
- Loves sucking his drumstick fist. It's so delicious that he always makes the 'zu zu' sound.
- Hates tummy time.
- Crying for cuddles.
- Can't stand being left alone.
- Milk strike.
Sucking his favorite durmstick
Hates doing tummy time. I really need to give him more practice.

He is growing so much and has achieve these milestones.
- Smiles readily. Especially when someone talks or smiles to him.
- Loves looking at faces.
- Loves to talk. Able to make sounds like 'Oo', 'Ah', 'Eh', 'Gu'.
- Able to hold his head up while seated with support.
- When put in a sitting position, he will try to kick his legs to push himself back.
- Loves looking around. Especially at his Kor Kor playing.
- Holds his milk bottle momentarily.
- Sleeps longer period at night. About 6 hrs before asking for milk.
Holding his bottle for about 10 sec
Here's his 3rd month report card.

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