The 'Terrible Twos' Powers

by - Friday, December 20, 2013

Big J is currently in his Terrible Twos stage. His daily training has gotten him some super powers. Introducing some of the powers that Big J has...

1) Running
...and super fast.  He can run real fast. Just put him down and off he goes. I usually can't catch him if he didn't stop to look back at me. I always wonder why someone so small could run so fast. And did I mention that I hate to run after him? I can feel the fats on my body trembling away as I chase after him. Super hate this kind of feeling.

2) Dodging
It becomes almost impossible to hold on to him or to catch him. When trying to catch him, he would try all means to shun. Squat or bend down, wiggle like a snake, moving in zig zag, jumping and all sorts of stunts to escape.

3) Huge Lung Power
I mean he can just cry and shout super loud. And can goes on and on without the need to stop and breathe. Don't he ever feel tired?

4) Creating a Beautiful Mess
This is what happens on a daily basis. My house always get typhoonised thanks to Typhoon J.

I'm sure these powers will follow him as he goes on to his Terrible Threes. I do hope that these powers will get down-graded and let it be a Terrific Threes instead.

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