Small J Loves Swimming

by - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's been a long time since we last went to the pool for a swim. We had been taking turns to fall sick and the weather had not been really good for the past few months.

Recently the weather is warmer and we are all better so we decided to bring the boys to the pool. It's Small J's first time swimming in a real pool. Previously he went to Baby Spa.

All changed and ready to go into the pool. See how happy he is. Laugh until cannot see the eyes. He really loves being in the water. He's not afraid of the water at all.

Happily splashing the water the moment he hits the pool.

Big J saying 'Come Didi, come.'

Testing the taste of the pool's water

Enjoying zooming through the water
And while Didi is having fun, Big J is enjoying himself too.

Showing Didi how to play

Oh no! Water has gone into my nose!

We will be coming back again right?

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