Big J is 3! 3 Wishes for him

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My big baby, you are officially 3!

Mommy biggest wish for you is good health. You have been falling sick so often ever since you started going to childcare. In fact, you are sick again on this very special day.

Although Mommy knows that this is your little body trying to build up its own immune system, I still can't help but worry. This is especially so when you have not been eating well and have even lose weight. It doesn't help that you are already quite thin to begin with. Please stay healthy for many many years to come.

It is amazing how much you have grown over the past one year. A year ago, you were our only darling. Now, you have been promoted to a big brother.

Mommy knows how overwhelming this is for you. I'm not sure if it is due to the Terrible Twos syndrome or is it because of Small J coming into your life, your behaviour has changed so much. You become so temperamental, so seeking for attention, so defiant,  so emotional, so difficult to handle.

We tried to give you more attention and more patience, but sometimes couldn't help and vent our frustrations on you. We are really so sorry about this.

So, Mommy's second wish for you is happiness. We want you to grow up happily, not crying whenever things don't go your way. We hope that you will be more patient when you are engaged in doing your things and not always lose your cool. We hope you will leave the Terrible Twos behind and welcome the Terrific Threes.

During the year you have also started going to childcare. We are glad that you do not have have the crying episodes when we first sent you to school. In fact, you love school! Or rather, you see it as going to play. However, you were too overly excited about school that you spend most of the time running around the class, turning on and off the water taps, climbing all over and opening and closing every cabinets. We are glad that you have started to get use to the environment and is able to control yourself and listen to instructions better.

So, for the last wish, I wish that you will continue to love going to school. This year you will be changing to another childcare and I hope you will get use to the new environment quickly and start to enjoy your day there.

We hope you have enjoyed yourself on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you, my dear boy!

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