My ABCs: E is for... Everything in the Mouth

Monday, 17 March 2014

Small J loves to bite anything and everything. Anything that gets to his hands will ends up in his mouth. 

A very horrific incident happened one day. Hubby noticed that Small J was biting something in his mouth. He had a plastic fish in his mouth! Hubby quickly dug out the fish and thankfully, Small J was fine. Turned out that it was Big J playing with his fishing game and he had left the fishes lying on the table. Small J managed to grab one of them and stuffed it in his mouth! This reminds us to be always vigilant and not to leave any small parts lying around.

It must be heavy to drag that stroller bar around in the mouth.

How does the hankie look on me?

Winnie tastes yummy!

Lick. This ball is smooth.

How blissful it is to eat while swimming. Nom nom nom...

I think turtle meat taste nice too!

Hey babe, let me try your bib. 

Overall, my fingers are still the best!

Mommy thinks you looks best with the bottle in your mouth, holding on to it by yourself.


My ABCs is a weekly series. Each week I will feature a different letter and a moment that represents that letter. It can be something about yourself, something that you do, something you see, basically anything. Do you have an ABCs moment too? Grab the button and link up if you do.

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