Small J Eats: Pumpkin Cereal with VCO

by - Saturday, March 01, 2014

Small J has started solid food at 6 months old. Now that he is already 8 months old, he has eaten many different food - purees, cereals, porridge, bread, rice and other junk little bits of food which we give for fun.

I have to blame myself for not being that enthusiastic with Small J's meal as compared to during Big J's time. I seldom take photos of his food and sometimes I don't even prepare any solid meals for him. (Note: This is only for weekends. On weekdays, my mum will prepare nutritious porridge for him.) 

We are blessed that Small J enjoys his food. He is not choosy, eats quite a big portion and most importantly, he loves the food we prepared. He will always squeaks in delight whenever he sees us carrying the bowl of food towards him.

Today, he had pumpkin cereal with vco, prepared specially by me! Though it is just a very simple meal, I am delighted he enjoys it thoroughly.

Pumpkin Cereal with VCO
1. Steam pumpkin and puree it.
2. Add water to cereal.
3. Add pumpkin puree to cereal and mix till smooth.
4. Drizzle with half a teaspoon of vco and serve. (The vco makes the whole thing more fragrant)

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