My ABCs: J is for... Js Family

Monday, 28 April 2014

J definitely has to stand for us - The Js Family. All our names begin with the letter 'J'.

We hardly had any chance to take a family photo. It is even more challenging to do a proper one because the kids are always looking somewhere else. 

This is a more recent family photo we had when we went to the zoo. Not a perfect one, but definitely a precious one. 

We should plan a proper family photo shoot soon, before the smallest starts running all over the place.

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I am a Hairdresser - Tips for a DIY Haircut

Thursday, 24 April 2014

In addition to the many roles I hold as a Mom, I am now a hairdresser too.

Big J hates going to the salon to have his hair cut. He cries the moment he steps into a salon and keeps saying 'Don't want, don't want'. We tried all ways (treats, videos, carrying him) to make him have his hair cut but wasn't successful. Whenever the hairdresser starts to cut his hair, he will say 'Stop stop! Don't don't!'. Most of the time, we will just walk out of the salon with his hair uncut.

When he was younger, I have been the one cutting his hair. Of course, I can't do fancy hairstyle. Just a simple cut to make sure his hair is short and tidy. Now that he is much older, I want him to have a more stylish hairstyle. But since he refuses to have it done at the salon, Mommy now have to learn how to cut his hair, properly. I'm not very good at it and my hands shiver when I have to do very precise cuts, for example, near his ears and at the back of his neck.

This is his hair before and after the haircut. Still not too bad ya? At least he looks more fresher now.

With the numerous practices, I can shamelessly share some tips with fellow moms who have the same problem with bringing their kids to the salon.


Before starting, make sure you get the tools ready. The hair clipper is very handy, especially if you are cutting the hair for a boy. Before I had this hair clipper, I used scissor. It always resulted in a style that is too straight and made him looked nerdy.

Fast fast fast
Children are not the most patient people in the world. So everything you do must be fast. I always try to finish his cut within 15 mins and try to distract him as much as possible (keep on reading for the tips). If this cut is not perfect, I will try to touch up another day. I will also end the cut when he gets too upset. I don't want him to have a phobia of me cutting his hair. 

We know how messy a hair cut is. To minimise the mess, I cut the hair in the bathroom. After the cut, I can simply wash off the hairs on his body and the floor. It is also convenient to wash off the hairs that lands on his neck and body if he complains about the itch.

The hair that lands on his neck and body makes him very itchy. Before I start, I powder him on the neck and body. I must emphasis that you use lots of powder because the bathroom can get quite stuffy and he will start to sweat after some time.

Then, I cover him with a vest to minimise the amount of hair falling onto his body. In this case I use his painting vest.

You know those children salons that play videos to entertain the child when doing the haircut? Well, I do the same too. I set my phone to play his favourite video, so he will concentrate on the video and forget about what I'm doing behind him.

I also let him hold a cookie in his hands. Usually he will not eat the cookie, but he gets the comfort from holding onto it. You can let your child hold his/her favorite item. Just remember to wash it off later because it is going to be covered with hairs.

Lastly, keep talking to him. Talk about anything, except for hair or haircut. You can also sing together. This is about multi-tasking, one of the characteristics of Moms!

Washing Up
After finishing the cut, nothing beats a warm bath to wash off everything. This also assure the child that it is all over. Don't forget to praise the child how fresh and handsome or pretty he/she looks with the new hairstyle. 

I am sorry but I am not able to provide any photos to show the process. Remember the first tip, fast fast fast? So no time for photo-taking.

Do comment if you have any other tips. I would be glad to use it on Big J's next haircut.

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My ABCs: I is for... Ice Cream

Monday, 21 April 2014

The boys are asleep, the chores are done, blog posts are scheduled.

Nothing beats having an ice-cream to wind down my day. It is also great for days or nights that seems too crazy.

My ABCs: H is for... Hurry Up

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hurry up...

A phrase which I say to Big J everyday. 

Early in the morning, 'J, it's time to wake up. Hurry up, we are late.'

When we are about to leave the house, 'Hurry up and wear your shoes.'

While we are walking to the train station, 'Hurry up. Stop picking up the leaves. Stop walking on the drain covers.'

On the way walking to his school, 'Please walk faster. You are going to miss the morning song. Hurry.'

At the end of the day when I pick him up from school, 'Quick, the bus is coming. Hurry, hurry and wear your shoes. No playground.'

The same thing repeat while we are on the way home. 'Hurry, hurry.'

While having dinner, 'J, you are eating so slow. Hurry up.'

Shower time, 'It's time for shower. Go to the bathroom and wait for me. Hurry, I'm going to close the door.'

Bedtime, 'Quickly sleep already. Tomorrow you have to wake up early.'

While I'm writing this post, it makes me realise how much I have missed out and how much I have taken away from him when I say these words.

I missed looking at his angelic face as he sleeps, listening to his breathing which sounds so peaceful.

I have taken away the opportunity for him to learn to put on his shoes, admire the nature, listening to the sounds of the early morning, and his play.

I have also missed the precious moments of bonding where we could read a book or two before we sleep or listening to him sing a couple of songs before he falls asleep or maybe a couple more of hugs and kisses.

As much as I would like to tell myself to slow down, time doesn't stop. This fast-paced society has driven us to be fast, fast, fast. We tried to leave the house earlier so that he will have more time to explore but still end up being late.

Are you also in a similar situation as me? Do you rush your child along or would you slow down and join your child? Do share with me your experiences.

My ABCs: G is for... Grown Up

Monday, 7 April 2014

My baby boy is all grown up.

From a small little baby that I used to carry in my arms, to a big boy going to school.

Yay! I'm a big boy now!

Small J Eats: Quinoa Porridge with Fish and Egg Yolk

Friday, 4 April 2014

Quinoa is one of the superfood. It is a good source of protein and is packed with fiber, calcium and iron. It is easily digested, making it a good choice of food for babies.

I cooked this porridge in chicken stock and it tastes absolutely sweet. Small J finished the whole bowl in no time.

Quinoa Porridge with Fish and Egg Yolk
1) Soak the quinoa overnight.
2) Cook the grain in the chicken stock in a double boiler.
3) Cook a hard boiled egg. Remove the egg white and reserve the egg yolk for later use.
4) Steam the fish and flake it.
5) When the porridge is cooked, serve the egg yolk and fish on top.
6) You may want to drizzle a small teaspoon of vco to the porridge before serving.

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Fun at East Coast Park

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

We went to the East Coast Park a few weeks back. It was our first time to the beach as a family. It was lucky that the weather was good - not hazy, not too hot and not raining. 

We spent a short while at the beach.

Big J not having played with sand and never been to the beach before, hates the feeling of the sand on his feet. He kept complaining about the sand getting onto his feet. He also screamed when Daddy brought him near to the sea.

Clinging on to Daddy because he was terrified of the waves  

After some coaxing and showing him how to play with the sand, he finally decided to try out the sand. But he insisted on wearing his shoes.

Small J woke up from his nap and joined in as well. As you can see, he is also not very fond of the sand.

I brought him near to the sea and same as his kor kor, he was terrified of the waves too. Each time the waves came crashing in, he would scream. I thought babies love the white sound of the waves?

We took a break, had our sandwiches and went to ride bicycle. We initially planned to ride the family bike but decided against it because we felt that Small J is still to small to sit by himself in the front seat. So we booked two normal bicycles with a baby seat. 

After we finished our rides, we proceed to Polliwogs. Yay to aircon! Sad to say, there wasn't much for Small J to play. We have been to Polliwogs @ Vivocity and compared to there, the toddler play area here is pretty much empty. Nonetheless, he still enjoyed crawling around.

For the big kids, there's so much to play. I didn't managed to take any photos for the indoor playground. The thing that Big J enjoyed the most is the outdoor bouncy castle. It is actually just a simple slide but that kept him occupied for at least an hour. The only downside is the heat outside.

We ended the day with dinner nearby and went home happily. The boys ko-ed along the way. Must be a tiring day for them.

The Js Arena

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