Fun at East Coast Park

by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

We went to the East Coast Park a few weeks back. It was our first time to the beach as a family. It was lucky that the weather was good - not hazy, not too hot and not raining. 

We spent a short while at the beach.

Big J not having played with sand and never been to the beach before, hates the feeling of the sand on his feet. He kept complaining about the sand getting onto his feet. He also screamed when Daddy brought him near to the sea.

Clinging on to Daddy because he was terrified of the waves  

After some coaxing and showing him how to play with the sand, he finally decided to try out the sand. But he insisted on wearing his shoes.

Small J woke up from his nap and joined in as well. As you can see, he is also not very fond of the sand.

I brought him near to the sea and same as his kor kor, he was terrified of the waves too. Each time the waves came crashing in, he would scream. I thought babies love the white sound of the waves?

We took a break, had our sandwiches and went to ride bicycle. We initially planned to ride the family bike but decided against it because we felt that Small J is still to small to sit by himself in the front seat. So we booked two normal bicycles with a baby seat. 

After we finished our rides, we proceed to Polliwogs at East Coast. Yay to aircon! Sad to say, there wasn't much for Small J to play. We have been to Polliwogs @ Vivocity and compared to there, the toddler play area here is pretty much empty. Nonetheless, he still enjoyed crawling around. (2018 Update: Polliwogs at East Coast has ceased operations. Here are the other branches of Polliwogs.)

For the big kids, there's so much to play. I didn't managed to take any photos for the indoor playground. The thing that Big J enjoyed the most is the outdoor bouncy castle. It is actually just a simple slide but that kept him occupied for at least an hour. The only downside is the heat outside.

We ended the day with dinner nearby and went home happily. The boys ko-ed along the way. Must be a tiring day for them.

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  1. Fun weekend you had with the kids. I haven't really been to polliwogs at East coast in the recent months. My kids have outgrown it and I agree that the one in Vivocity is much better for younger kids.