I am a Hairdresser - Tips for a DIY Haircut

by - Thursday, April 24, 2014

In addition to the many roles I hold as a Mom, I am now a hairdresser too.

Big J hates going to the salon to have his hair cut. He cries the moment he steps into a salon and keeps saying 'Don't want, don't want'. We tried all ways (treats, videos, carrying him) to make him have his hair cut but wasn't successful. Whenever the hairdresser starts to cut his hair, he will say 'Stop stop! Don't don't!'. Most of the time, we will just walk out of the salon with his hair uncut.

When he was younger, I have been the one cutting his hair. Of course, I can't do fancy hairstyle. Just a simple cut to make sure his hair is short and tidy. Now that he is much older, I want him to have a more stylish hairstyle. But since he refuses to have it done at the salon, Mommy now have to learn how to cut his hair, properly. I'm not very good at it and my hands shiver when I have to do very precise cuts, for example, near his ears and at the back of his neck.

This is his hair before and after the haircut. Still not too bad ya? At least he looks more fresher now.

With the numerous practices, I can shamelessly share some tips with fellow moms who have the same problem with bringing their kids to the salon.


Before starting, make sure you get the tools ready. The hair clipper is very handy, especially if you are cutting the hair for a boy. Before I had this hair clipper, I used scissor. It always resulted in a style that is too straight and made him looked nerdy.

Fast fast fast
Children are not the most patient people in the world. So everything you do must be fast. I always try to finish his cut within 15 mins and try to distract him as much as possible (keep on reading for the tips). If this cut is not perfect, I will try to touch up another day. I will also end the cut when he gets too upset. I don't want him to have a phobia of me cutting his hair. 

We know how messy a hair cut is. To minimise the mess, I cut the hair in the bathroom. After the cut, I can simply wash off the hairs on his body and the floor. It is also convenient to wash off the hairs that lands on his neck and body if he complains about the itch.

The hair that lands on his neck and body makes him very itchy. Before I start, I powder him on the neck and body. I must emphasis that you use lots of powder because the bathroom can get quite stuffy and he will start to sweat after some time.

Then, I cover him with a vest to minimise the amount of hair falling onto his body. In this case I use his painting vest.

You know those children salons that play videos to entertain the child when doing the haircut? Well, I do the same too. I set my phone to play his favourite video, so he will concentrate on the video and forget about what I'm doing behind him.

I also let him hold a cookie in his hands. Usually he will not eat the cookie, but he gets the comfort from holding onto it. You can let your child hold his/her favorite item. Just remember to wash it off later because it is going to be covered with hairs.

Lastly, keep talking to him. Talk about anything, except for hair or haircut. You can also sing together. This is about multi-tasking, one of the characteristics of Moms!

Washing Up
After finishing the cut, nothing beats a warm bath to wash off everything. This also assure the child that it is all over. Don't forget to praise the child how fresh and handsome or pretty he/she looks with the new hairstyle. 

I am sorry but I am not able to provide any photos to show the process. Remember the first tip, fast fast fast? So no time for photo-taking.

Do comment if you have any other tips. I would be glad to use it on Big J's next haircut.

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  1. I tried to cut both my sons' hair once. Each. Both were a disaster and from then on, I decided that long hair was pretty ok! Hahaha! Good job though, it is really less traumatic for them to have their hair cut at home!