My ABCs: H is for... Hurry Up

by - Monday, April 14, 2014

Hurry up...

A phrase which I say to Big J everyday. 

Early in the morning, 'J, it's time to wake up. Hurry up, we are late.'

When we are about to leave the house, 'Hurry up and wear your shoes.'

While we are walking to the train station, 'Hurry up. Stop picking up the leaves. Stop walking on the drain covers.'

On the way walking to his school, 'Please walk faster. You are going to miss the morning song. Hurry.'

At the end of the day when I pick him up from school, 'Quick, the bus is coming. Hurry, hurry and wear your shoes. No playground.'

The same thing repeat while we are on the way home. 'Hurry, hurry.'

While having dinner, 'J, you are eating so slow. Hurry up.'

Shower time, 'It's time for shower. Go to the bathroom and wait for me. Hurry, I'm going to close the door.'

Bedtime, 'Quickly sleep already. Tomorrow you have to wake up early.'

While I'm writing this post, it makes me realise how much I have missed out and how much I have taken away from him when I say these words.

I missed looking at his angelic face as he sleeps, listening to his breathing which sounds so peaceful.

I have taken away the opportunity for him to learn to put on his shoes, admire the nature, listening to the sounds of the early morning, and his play.

I have also missed the precious moments of bonding where we could read a book or two before we sleep or listening to him sing a couple of songs before he falls asleep or maybe a couple more of hugs and kisses.

As much as I would like to tell myself to slow down, time doesn't stop. This fast-paced society has driven us to be fast, fast, fast. We tried to leave the house earlier so that he will have more time to explore but still end up being late.

Are you also in a similar situation as me? Do you rush your child along or would you slow down and join your child? Do share with me your experiences.

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  1. It depends.. if we are going to be late for school I will rush them or else I will let them enjoy themselves running around/ kicking the leaves on the pavement etc.

    1. Well, usually we are in a rush of time, that's why always have to hurry my boy. But when we are not going anywhere, we will bring him to the playground and let him play freely.

  2. yes i used to say hurry up to my boys a lot.. even though we don't go to school.. bcos i hate to be late.. until one day i realised why am i rushing them just bcos of my own preferences.. So now i try to let it go.. take deep breaths instead of rushing them.. If have appointments, then still cannot be late.. so i put in more buffer time... still will rush them if going to be late!

    1. I also feel guilty every time I rush them due to my own preferences. Buffer time helps, but in the end still have to rush because he played passed the buffer time. Well, at least he managed to play awhile..better than nothing.