Small J Eats: Quinoa Porridge with Fish and Egg Yolk

by - Friday, April 04, 2014

Quinoa is one of the superfood. It is a good source of protein and is packed with fiber, calcium and iron. It is easily digested, making it a good choice of food for babies.

I cooked this porridge in chicken stock and it tastes absolutely sweet. Small J finished the whole bowl in no time.

Quinoa Porridge with Fish and Egg Yolk
1) Soak the quinoa overnight.
2) Cook the grain in the chicken stock in a double boiler.
3) Cook a hard boiled egg. Remove the egg white and reserve the egg yolk for later use.
4) Steam the fish and flake it.
5) When the porridge is cooked, serve the egg yolk and fish on top.
6) You may want to drizzle a small teaspoon of vco to the porridge before serving.

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  1. Hi, May I know how do you prepare the chicken stock?
    I am interested to know beside the chicken stock, any other stock to share with me to cook porridge?
    I always used meat to put in porridge and cook in slow cooker. Would like to have a change.