Being Mom - World's Toughest Job

by - Friday, May 09, 2014

This video made its way into my Facebook about a month ago. It shows an advertisement for the position of Director of Operations. The requirements are 'tough', 'insane' and even 'cruel' as some of the interviewees described. The job doesn't even has a salary! When it was revealed who is actually doing this job, the reactions and expressions of the interviewees are priceless. It brought tears to my eyes, even now as I re-watch the video again. This sets me thinking how great a Mother's love can be. 世上只有妈妈好.

The video mentioned many situations that resonate with me.

Standing up most of the time
That's from morning till night. When I do get to sit, I can feel all the muscles in my body relax and I can almost fall asleep. But this is usually interrupted by someone shouting 'Mommy! Mommy!'. Thoughout the day, it is playtime for the boys and wartime for me. I have to break up fights, walking carefully not to step on the nasty toys that are thrown all over the house and to repeat my many instructions to them (especially for Big J) over and over again. Every night, I can sleep almost immediately because I am so exhausted after the whole day. No matter how tired I am, I assure myself that these are time and energy well spent.

Limited breaks
I love toilet breaks. This is the time I can getaway from the boys and have some private moments to myself. If hubby is around, I can go for a longer break. But when he is not around, my breaks are usually disrupted with a shout of 'Mommy! Mommy!' or someone intruding into the toilet. I also love it when the boys are playing peacefully so that I can relax on the sofa and watch them play. The best time of the day is when both boys are down for their naps. Peace for the house!

Lunch / Dinner after the kids are done with theirs
I always feed the boys first before having our lunch and dinner ourselves. If they were to have their meals together with us, they will be too busy asking to eat our food instead of finishing theirs.

Meal times are also messy time. This is on a good day, when the food are usually smeared around his mouth and on the chair. On a bad day, he will have food smeared over his whole face and head. If he decides to goes 'boo boo', the food will be spit all over the places, sometimes even on myself.

Chaotic environment

This photo speaks for itself. I have to walk very carefully to make sure that I do not step on those dangerous things.

It is amazing how much motherhood has changed me. Sacrifices are made. Lifestyle has changed. Instead of going out for late night shopping, movies or supper, I rushes home immediately after work. I no longer wish for late nights because late nights meant those nights when the boys are sick. I don't bear to buy myself something I like without thinking and thinking over it for many nights, thinking if it is worth buying and how the money could be better spent on the boys. I used to lose myself in the world of gaming and drama, now, I spend my online time looking up for recipes to cook, reviews of kiddie products or activities that we can do together. It has also been a long time since Hubby and I went for a holiday. Our last holiday was seven years ago, for our honeymoon. Boo!

Despite the demanding requirements of being a Mom, I do not regret being one. The best and most fulfilling reward is being there for the boys, seeing them grow, hearing their laughters and enjoying their hugs and kisses. For me, even a small eye contact from the boys is enough to make me elated. These are priceless and perhaps that's why it is impossible to derive a salary by being a Mom. You can't put a price to it!

The simplest thing is seeing them enjoying themselves

The biggest change in me is that I have learnt to appreciate my Mom, or rather my parents, for everything they do, in the past and now.

So if you are a Mom, go give yourself a big hug or demand a hug from your hubby and kids. Go say a very big thank you to your own mom and give her a hug. I bought a little gift for myself and you should too.

Happy Mother's Day to all the greatest Moms out there.

PS: I am not a super Mommy. Daddy J helped out in many instances. So here's a very advanced Happy Father's Day to Daddy J.

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  1. Yea, indeed life has changed so much the moment I got my first child and then follow by another. Motherhood journey is not easy but it is always rewarding. You hubby is the best supporter and fight with you along the way which makes him a great daddy to your both amazing kids.

    Happy Mom's Day!