Big J and the Beanstalk

by - Monday, May 26, 2014

Big J loves reading this book - Jack and the Beanstalk. Looking at the state of the book, you will know that we read this so often.

I decided to bring the book to life and grow a beanstalk with him.

Materials need:
Beans (I used green beans)
A small jar
Cotton wool
Spray bottle - for watering the plant

First, I asked him to put the cotton wool into the jar. I told him that this will be the bed for the beans to grow. He put in the cotton wool carefully and create a very comfortable bed for the beans. This is also training his fine motor skills.

Next, we put in the beans. I told him that these are 'magic beans' (the exact words used in the book). He almost wanted to threw the beans out of the windows, as told in the book. We explored the beans for a while, learning that the beans are small, hard and green. We counted the beans together as he put the beans into the jar one by one. Fine motor skills training too as he tried to put the beans into the small jar.

Next, he watered the beans. As he squeezed the spray bottle, he is working on his hands and arms muscles. 

Lastly, we placed the jar near the windows. I told him that the beans need sunlight to grow strong and tall and we need to feed it water on a daily basis or else the beans will get thirsty.

Day 6
We observed the plant daily and see how much it has grown. We learnt about the parts of the plant - leaves, stem and roots. 

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