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by - Friday, May 23, 2014

You walked into a supermarket and stood at the baby milk powder aisle. Looking at the vast varieties of formula milk on the shelves, you are wondering which one to get for your little one. With so many different brands of formula milk out there, how do you go about choosing the right one for your baby?

For me, the most important factor is that it must be suitable for my baby. First and foremost, he must be willing to drink it. If he doesn't wants to drink it, no matter how good that formula is, it is of no use. Secondly, it must be comfortable to his tummy. I definitely do not want to see him constipated. If you have not seen a constipated baby before, let me tell you how bad it is. The baby will force himself to poo until his face is all red and in extreme cases, the baby might cry in pain. Very heart pain right?

Let me share with you the formula that Small J is drinking now.

Friso Gold 2

Friso Gold 2 is a follow-on formula for babies after 6 months onwards. It contains the important nutrients to support the child's digestion and good gut health, with Prebiotics and Probiotics. In addition, it is well-balanced with nutrients like DHA, AA, SA Selenium, Nucleotides and Taurine. What do all these mean? Let me translate it to layman's terms for you.

  • Probiotics: Helps to suppress and fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Prebiotics (GOS): Promotes the growth of good bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system.
A healthy digestive system means a healthier baby!

  • Nucleotides: Essential to normal cell function and replication, which are important for the overall growth and development of infants.
Helps baby to grow up tall and strong!

  • DHA and AA: Important building blocks for brain and eye development.
A clever baby!


Overall, Small J is pretty satisfied with the Friso Gold 2 formula. He did not struggle with drinking it the first time we introduced the formula to him. He did not suffer any constipation or diarrhoea from drinking this. He poos daily and does not need to 'gek' his poo out.

The milk powder is easily dissolved in water. This means that I can finish making the milk quickly and attend to my crying baby. Yes, a hungry baby is an angry baby.

I also love the lid of the tin. The lid can be opened and closed easily. Unlike Big J's milk, which I need to use a spoon to ply open the lid and then to slam the lid down hard to close it. Do you know that some scrapes of the tin coating might get peeled off in the process due to friction?

Inside the lid, there is a spoon holder where you can put the spoon. This means you do not need to dig for the spoon in the powder and is more hygienic this way.

There is also a leveler which allows you to level off the excess powder for the perfect scoop. No more, no less.

Friso Gold 2 900g retailing at $47 is one of the more affordable formula milk in the market. It is available at all major supermarkets and pharmacies.



Good news!! Friso is giving away 2 tins of Friso Gold 2 (400g) to 3 lucky readers. Just complete the steps below and you could be the lucky one! Good luck!!

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Terms and Conditions:
1. Open only to Singapore residents with babies above 6 months old, only.
2. All entries have to be completed. Incomplete or inaccurate entries will be disqualified.
3. Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
4. Winners are randomly picked and will be announced on my Facebook page and via email.
5. Winners have 2 days to respond, or prizes will be redrawn.
6. Winners have to self-collect the prizes from Rise & Shine's office at Keppel Road
7. Giveaway ends on 1 June 2014 at 23:59 hours.

Disclaimer: This a sponsored post by Rise & Shine, in conjunction with Friso.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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