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by - Friday, May 02, 2014

All moms have their favourite brands of baby products. When it comes to baby skincare, my favourite is Mustela. I swear by its Vitamin barrier cream (diaper cream). Each time when the boys have bad diaper rashes, just a few applications and the rashes and redness are all gone.

The boys have sensitive skin, that's why I am very particular about the skincare products that they are using. I do not want to use any products that contains harsh chemicals on them. Mustela, being the skincare expert for babies, guarantees that its products are hypoallergenic and free of the 3Ps (Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates) and alcohol.

When Mustela offered me to try its range of Stelatopia products, I was overjoyed. What could be better than reviewing the products of a brand that I have always love and trust.

Left to right: STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream, STELATOPIA® Milky bath oil,
STELATOPIA® Emollient cream

Small J was diagnosed with jaundice a few weeks after he was born and had to undergo phototherapy. His skin turned dry and flaky as a result. The skin around the folds of his skin, especially the neck area, became red and chapped. Our PD said that it was eczema. He told us to always keep his skin clean and prescribed a steriod cream for us. We also had to change his body wash to a soap-free wash. However, his skin condition did not improve. There were still many angry flare ups. We tried many other products but were still not able to see much improvements.

Then I came to know about the Mustela STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream. After using it for a few times, I could see Small J's skin becoming better. The rashes had subsided and the skin also became smoother. Until now, I am still using this whenever I see signs of irritations on his skin.

STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream is specially formulated to rapidly repair and soothe skin irritations and redness. Skin renewal is stimulated and skin repair is accelerated, thanks to its unique combination of a complex of active trace elements and BioEcolia®. Skin marks are eliminated and the skin gradually regains its suppleness and balance.

Left: When he was 2 months old with angry redness. Right: So much better after using the Recovery Cream.

Due to Small J's sensitive skin, it is important to use a soap-free body wash for him. The STELATOPIA® Milky bath oil is specially formulated for eczema-prone dry skin. It cleanses the skin without damaging or drying it, helps to replenish the lipids in the skin and soothe intense redness and pulling of the skin.

Simply pour 2 to 3 capfuls into the bathwater and mix until the oil is thoroughly dispersed and a milky vale appears. Bath your child in the water and pat him dry gently with a soft towel. There is no need to rinse off the oil at the end of the bath. However, do note that the oil might make the bathtub slippery, so do be extra careful. After Small J's bath, I can feel that his skin is indeed smoother.

After a warm bath, it is important to lock in the moisture in the skin by applying a moisturiser. The STELATOPIA® Emollient cream nourishes the skin intensely and soothes redness. The skin is left feeling supple and soft.

I like that the cream is easy to apply. It has a smooth texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. This is important because Small J is at the stage of super-activeness and can't stay long for me to apply the cream slowly.

Thanks to Mustela for helping my baby to regain his baby soft skin. I am addicted to touching and smelling his soft and smooth skin.

Mustela is available at Kiddy Palace, Watsons, Guardian, Takashimaya, Robinsons, OG, Motherswork, Mums & Bebe. Check this for the full list. 

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Disclaimer: This a sponsored post by Mustela Singapore.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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