Drypers Drypantz - Keeping Me Happy and Comfortable

by - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hi there, I am Small J. I am here doing a guest post on my Mommy's blog. You see, Mommy always tries her best to give me the best. She makes sure that I am fed, changed and feeling all happy and comfortable. I know that whenever I am happy, she is happy too. 

Mommy goes to work. I only get to see her for that half hour in the morning and the two hours when she reaches home in the evening. Time with her is so limited. I want these moments to be filled with happy memories as much as possible. 

This is me crawling out of my room and giving Mommy my megawatt smile. She never fails to carry me and give me a big morning hug.

I am waiting at the door for Mommy to come back from work. A smile does wonders, I got my hugs again!

I love being carried and as you can see, the diaper is always being squashed against my cute little bum bum. I am glad that I don't feel any sense of discomfort. All thanks to the newly improved Drypers Drypantz! With Activ-Core™, it can absorb my urine quickly and prevents flow-back thus promoting long-lasting dryness. I don't have to worry about having a wet diaper being squashed against my skin which means I am always ready for someone to carry me!

Having to wear a diaper for 24 hours everyday is no joke, especially when the weather is so hot. Mommy likes to dress me in a comfy singlet and a comfy diaper to keep me cool. The Drypers Drypantz has a 100% breathable cloth-like cover that helps to keep my skin feeling cool and fresh. It also contains four natural plant extracts (Vit. E, Chamomile, Olive Extract, Aloe Vera), which helps to promote skin health, keeping me dry and comfortable.

Psst... do you know that I am very mobile now? I can crawl, stand, climb and even started to cruise. Nothing can stop me from moving. With Comfort Fit™, the soft waistband on the Drypers Drypantz provides me with a snug fit, allowing me to move around freely without having to worry that the diaper might shift out of place. I love going to the playground!

I hate diaper changes. How could you ask an active baby to stay still for 5 minutes just for a diaper change? I could use those 5 minutes to play and explore! I am glad that Mommy has made the change to let me wear pants instead of open diapers. Drypers Drypantz makes diaper changing so much easier and faster which means more time for play, cuddles and kisses!


Do you want to try out the new and improved Drypers and discover its ultimate comfort?

For the month of June, with every purchase of 2 packs of Drypers Wee Wee Dry or Drypers Drypantz, you can receive a $10 FairPrice voucher. Just follow the two simple steps:

1) Scan or snap a copy of your receipt and,
2) E-mail that together with your personal details (Name, Address, Contact Number, Child's Name and Date of Birth) to SCA Hygiene (sg.contest@sca.com) with the subject 'JsArena'.

Disclaimer: This a sponsored post by Drypers.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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