My ABCs: M is for... Mess

by - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I am not sure if it is common for a family, with 2 young children, without any helpers and the parents are not at home most of the time, to have a messy house. Well, I can at least feel comforted that Mama J from Mum in the Making) has the same issue as me. Before we had kids, our house was neat and tidy. Things were kept away quickly and we don't see things piling up. After kids, this is what happened.

A dining table which main function is not dining. When we got home, we have a habit of dropping whatever we have onto the dining table. The things are not kept away promptly, except for things which need to be put in the fridge. This is because we have two little ones who need our attention more. So the things are left there until the weekends when we have time to clear the clutter. 

Our living area, or rather, the kids playing area. Since Play = Mess, this is what happens after a play. If you want to visit our house, please inform us earlier or else you will need to tread very carefully. Did you notice the heap of clothes on the sofa too?

This is our computer room cum storage room cum play room. Storage + Play = Mess, pretty straightforward.

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On a positive note, based on the above quote, I have happy kids and I am a good Mom!

I am thinking of ways to better maintain the house and keep it clutter-free. If the plan works out, I will be posting about it. Any tips for me?

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