One-derfully 1st Birthday Bash

by - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I got to know this group of Mummies from the Singapore Motherhood Forum during my pregnancy with Small J. We have one thing in common - our EDD is July 2013. We provide support for each other during our pregnancy days - sharing tips on how to overcome morning sickness, announcing when we feel our little ones moving, and giving each other lots of encouragement and support during labor. After birth, we share our woes of confinement and tips on how to handle our babies especially when they are cranky, fussy or sick. Of course, we also organise many shopping sprees and gatherings to shop, eat and play! 

Coming July, our babies are turning One! It is their Big One and how could we miss out on throwing a huge party for them. So after months of planning, liaising with sponsors, buying the presents and preparing everything, our One-derfully 1st Birthday Bash is a go!

The theme of the party is Cowboys and Cowgirls. Everyone enjoyed themselves, daddies included. All of us went home with goodie bags filled with goodies from our sponsors and a birthday present for the little ones. I will leave the photos to do the talking.

Cake and decor from My Sweet Cocoa. We really love the setup, totally fits in with our theme!

Our little Cowboys and Cowgirls dressed up in tees from Favor.

Buffet spread from Elsie's Kitchen. Yummy food to fill up our tummies!

Babies enjoying themselves in the ball pit and bouncy castle from Alaka Jump.
 Thanks to these, Mummies and Daddies can have their hands free.

We can never get enough of toys. More toys from Rent That Toy!

Not forgetting the Daddies, we had a 'Fastest Diaper Changing Daddy' contest. This is a test to see if they have been helping their wives. The sight was really funny. Top 3 Daddies each won a pack of Goo.n diapers, from, for their little ones.

Fastest Diaper Changing Daddy

We also had a Cutest baby boy and baby girl contest proudly sponsored by Paley & Love.

Paley & Love
It's birthday song and cake cutting time.

With the baby girls

With the baby boys

Our little princes and princesses. Happy Big One! May happiness and health be with you always! 

Small J enjoying the party

What's a party without goodie bags? We are grateful for all the kind sponsors who have sponsored generously towards the party.  

Goodie Bags and Presents for our little ones

Lucky Draw prizes. Everyone went home with something.

Goodies in the bag. Photo courtesy of one of our Mummy.
Olly, Mustela, Mead Johnson, AIAEldgydiumCetaphilMydream Kitty LoveHokey Pokey,
P.S. I Love You PhotographyPrivi-KidsPedipedContinental Delight
Thanks to the Mummies who organised this birthday bash and everyone who attended and made this party a success. Also not forgetting the sponsors who made our party more interesting.

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  1. Happy birthday small J! The fastest diaper changing daddy contest sounds quite funny!

    1. The fastest diaper changing daddy contest is really hilarious. All of us were laughing so hard.