Rise & Shine Carnival 2014

by - Friday, June 20, 2014

Rise and Shine!

That's what we did on a lovely Saturday morning. We woke up real early to attend the Rise and Shine Breakfast Carnival 2014. We were really excited for this because this is our first time attending a breakfast picnic.

Arrived at The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Trial class from Ready Steady Go Kids

We were surprised that there are already many people who had reached earlier than us. The lawn was almost fully packed with families with their picnic mat.

Early birds who had already nicely set down their picnic mats

We picked our spot and make ourselves comfortable.

Pardon the baby who was affected by the loud sound

The Nutella Workout happening on the stage

Big J bugged us to bring him to the bouncy castle. He had been bugging us the moment he saw it earlier.

Big J was so eager to jump into the fun. Can you spot him?

This year, the most exciting part of the carnival is breaking the Singapore Book of Records of the largest number of people making breakfast sandwich together. We are proud to be part of this historical moment.

Nutella Breakfast Kit

Daddy J making sandwiches for us 

Big J enjoying his sandwich

Small J had a banana

Up till this moment, the weather was still very good and we had so much fun. After finishing our breakfast, we were about to start exploring the activities at the booth when the sky suddenly turned grey and the wind came blowing. Alas! It's going to rain! Everyone, including us, started packing and scrambling to the nearby shelters. It's a pity that we didn't get to enjoy the activities. Big J was still saying he wanted to go to the Doc McStuffins's booth to have a checkup for his toy car.

We hope to be back again next year.

Disclaimer: As the partner blogger of Rise and Shine, we were invited to the Carnival. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are 100% mine.

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