Small J's First Lunar Birthday

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

Small J had his first lunar birthday a few days ago. 

By Chinese tradition, babies will do a 抓周 on their lunar birthday. A number of items, each symbolising something, are placed in front of the baby and he is suppose to pick one of the them. This will signify what the baby's future life or career is going to be. 

I got this list from one of my mummy friend:

書: 會讀書,適合做學者、專家
Book: Studious, May become a scholar, professor etc.

筆墨 : 會成為作家、畫家
Pen and Ink: Writer, Artist, Publishing

印章: 有權勢,會做大官
Seal: Has Authority, Politician, Judge etc.

算盤/計算機: 會當商人、會計師,適合從商
Calculator: Merchant, Trader, Broker, Financial Officer

錢幣: 將來會很富有
Coin: Will be extremely wealthy

雞腿: 有福氣,表示一生將不愁吃穿
Chicken Leg: Prosperous, A life of satisfaction

尺: 表示將來可成為設計師、建築師
Ruler: Architect, Product Designer, Land Development Surveryor

蔥: 代表聰明
Spring Onion: Very bright (May amount to any careers due to brightness and braininess)

蒜: 代表善於計算
Garlic: Good in accounting for and calculating (May amount to any careers or personality that requires this trait)

芹菜: 代表勤勞
Celery: Hardworking and Steadfast (May amount to a personality that values hard work)

稻草: 適合農事工作
Wheat Grass: Agricultural, Horticulture, Natural careers

刀劍: 能當軍官、警察
Sword: Soldier, Policemen, careers in the airforce, navy, infantry

聽筒: 適合醫護工作
Stethoscope: Health Services, Doctors, Vets, Nurses

We planned to let Small J do the 抓周 and eat a bowl of Mee Sua with Egg and Chicken Drumstick on his lunar birthday. However, Big J fall sick on that day and I was busy sending him to see a doctor and attending to him, that I forgot all about Small J's lunar birthday. When I remembered about it, Small J was already sleeping. What a lousy Mummy I am.

I was having my 'Me time' and at about 10+ PM, Small J crawled out of his room and looked at us with a blurry face. He seemed to be telling me that 'Mummy, today is my lunar birthday. Are you going to celebrate it for me?' Lol.

So we quickly gathered the items and let him pick.

Ruler, Pen, Garlic (I don't have the real garlic, so I use a toy garlic), Stethoscope, Book, Coin, Calculator

Excited with so many toys in front of him

And he choose the Coin!

Second try, he went for my camera lens cover! A photographer maybe?
Haha...but this is not in the list of items.

He picked the pen

The third time, he sat there pondering for a long time.
He looked at all the items, don't know which to choose.

And he finally decided to choose the calculator...

... thinking that it is a phone. Hello, hello!

A glimpse into his future! 

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  1. Haha too cute! Maybe Small J will be in the finance industry earning lots of money and his side line is being a part time blogger. Hahaha!

    1. That might be possible! Haha. It's fun, you should do this with Littlemisschewy when she turns one.