Weekend Wanderings: National Stadium @ The Sports Hub

Thursday, 31 July 2014

We popped by the National Stadium @ The Sports Hub for a short while over the weekend. Frankly speaking, I am not very 'sporty' person. The only thing I know about this stadium is that it is one of the biggest sports building in the world and has a retractable roof over the stadium. It wasn't until we checked out the place that I know how big it is. 

A check on their website gives me more info. They are also having a free play period until 17 Aug 2014, which allows you to try out some of its facilities free of charge. I also see some interesting place, like the Sports Hub Giant Chess, Kids Playground, Climb Central, Splash-N-Surf and the Sports Hub Library, which we will be back to check them out. Do note that not all the facilities are opened yet.

A view of the Stadium

The stunning view of the city skyline. This could be a good spot to view the fireworks! 

The OCBC Aquatic Centre

The National Stadium which can host different kinds of events.
The retractable roof allows events to be held rain or shine.

The Splash-N-Surf water play which is not opened yet.

There are loads of open area where children can run and play freely. If your kids have a scooter, do bring it along and they can zoom around too. For shopping fanatics, Kallang Wave Mall just beside it. Great escape from the heat!

The boys having fun walking and running around.

Small J walking around

My ABCs: Q is for... Qoo10

Monday, 28 July 2014

As with most women, I love shopping. However, with 2 young children, it is often quite difficult to go shopping with them. Thank goodness that there is online shopping. In fact, most of my shopping is done online.

One of my favourite places to shop at is Qoo10. There are many things which you can get cheaper or find unique stuffs which are not available in retail stores. You can get pretty good deals when you look out for their time sale. Here are some of my favourite buys from Qoo10.

1. Kids Bookshelf
This bookshelf is one of my best buys from Qoo10. I really like the way it displays the books with the cover facing out. I believe that the pictures on the cover will better attract the kids to read rather than looking at the spine of the book. It always delights me when I see both Js reading at the shelf or picking a book and asking me to read for them.

Doesn't it looks more inviting?

2. Double Boiler
I love this double boiler. It makes cooking porridge and soup so much convenient. I do not need to stand at the stove to ensure that the porridge is not burnt or to worry that the soup might overboil or dries up. This allows me to spend more time with the boys. Recently I even use it to steam rice, that means I can keep away the rice cooker. More precious counter space for other things!

3. Mirabell Playmat
Even though we already have a playmat, I couldn’t resist and bought another one. This was recommended by one of my mummies friends. You know how ladies couldn’t resist buying something when everyone else are buying it too?  This mat is really good. It is thick so I do not have to worry about Small J falling when he is on it. It is lightweight and can be easily folded away when we don’t need it. It can also be used as a small sofa or create a tunnel for the little one to crawl through. How versatile!

Small J playing on the mat

Can be folded away easily or turn it into a mini sofa

4. Happycall Pan
Most people should know how great this pan is. It can cook almost anything without having to worry about the oil splattering or the smell lingering in the kitchen. It can also be used for baking. When I used to cook more frequently, I use the Happycall pan to cook lots of yummy food.

Some of the food I have cooked using the Happycall pan

5. Hair Clipper
Big J doesn’t like to go to the salon to cut his hair so I have to help him cut his hair. This hair clipper is very useful and handy.

Are you a regular of Qoo10 too? Share with me your best buys.

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Small J is One!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My smallest darling, you are ONE! Time passed so fast, just a blink of an eye and you are already ONE. It feels like I just gave birth to you yesterday and now you have already graduated from babyhood. I can't seem to cradle you enough. I can't seem to forget how small you were when I first held you in my arms. I also can't get enough of your little whimpers when you were just a newborn. Oh goodness, I need more time!

Perhaps you are an easy baby, that's why time spent with you seem to pass so fast. Or perhaps it is with experience that Daddy and Mommy understand that we should always look on the positive side so that our memories are only filled with positives. Happy time always runs too fast as they said.

A year ago, you came into our life. Look at how small you were then. I can't forget the look in your eyes. I was so mesmerised by your eyes when you were brought to me. I could see hope, curiosity, love and happiness in them. I simply couldn't take my eyes off you.

You had your first photoshoot when you were five days old. It wasn't an easy session because you were crying most of the time. If you have noticed, you look pretty yellow in the photos. Mommy subsequently realised that you were jaundiced and the condition was so bad that you had to be hospitalised. I was devastated, crying almost every day while you were in the hospital. Fortunately, you are a strong boy and was shortly cleared.

While you mostly drink, sleep, urine and poo during your first month, you become more active in your 2nd month. You were always looking around when you are awake. You enjoy waving and kicking your hands and legs. You also started to coo and smile. Mommy loves talking and cooing back to you.

Your 3rd month was spent mostly on your tummy, which you really hate. You will squirm and squeal when I tried to put you on your tummy. I'm sure you understand now why tummy time was so important. It was these exercises that help you to move so quickly now. At this stage, you love your fist the most. Your hands were stuck to your mouth most of the time. You also craved for more attention, perhaps you knew that Mommy was going back to work soon.

The 4th month was Mommy's most emotional month because I had to leave you and go back to work. Aww... I missed you so much, thinking if you have achieved another 'first' and I were not there to witness it. Weekends became super precious and we brought you to many places. We brought you for your first swim, first picnic, first trip to USS, fishing and a Halloween party with your little friends! We hope you enjoyed those trips.

A big milestone you had achieved - flipping over! And sadly to say, I wasn't there to witness it first hand. You were about to turn 5 months old.

At 6 months, you can sit upright, which means we can plop you in the high chair during meal time. Mommy can finally eat using two hands. You also started enjoying playing with others, especially Kor Kor. Your eyes literally lit up whenever you see him.

Then, you were down with a really strong virus when you were in your 7th month. You got really sick that you need to spend four days in the hospital. That was the period when you were most upset. You refused to drink or eat and you constantly wanted us to carry you. When you saw the nurses coming in with your medicines, you screamed the most pitiful cries. We felt so heart pain to see you struggling and your eyes were asking us to save you from the pain. Hugs my little baby. Some people say that before a big milestone, some babies will fall sick. And indeed, a few days after you were discharged, you hit another major milestone - crawling! Gasp, the house is getting more dangerous. You also learnt to hold your own bottle!

You had your first trip to a public swimming pool at 8 months. You love splashing in the water and totally enjoyed the swim. You sprouted your first tooth this month too. You also started to blabber, making sounds like 'bab bab bab', 'mum, mum, mum', 'eh eh eh'. We can't wait to hear you talk!

You went to the beach for the first time. It was so funny to see your expression when the waves came crashing at your feet. It was also your first time to an indoor playground. At 9 months, you started to stand with support. We felt so excited as this is the beginning of you learning to walk.

By 10 months, you are getting more expressive, both with your voice and your expressions. You enjoy smiling to people. Love your smiles! You love playing together with Kor Kor. You also went to the Zoo for the first time.

At 11 months, you are beginning to get really mobile. You are able to pull yourself to a standing position and even climb up the sofa! OMG... we need to keep a close eye on you. We taught you how to come down from the sofa safely. You spoke your first word, which is your favourite toy - Ball!! You learnt to clap your hands and knows how to make the 'voom voom' sound when you are playing with cars. So cute!!

You started walking at 12 months. Initially you walked using the walker. After 2 weeks, you could walk a few steps by yourself. You always laugh to yourself while walking, perhaps you love that amazing feeling too. We love looking at the way you walk, swinging side to side and looking about to fall anytime. You had an advance birthday celebration with your little friends. You also had your first TV appearance. We also did a lunar birthday picking to catch a glimpse into your future.

Finally it's the day of your Big One! We certainly enjoy you being with us. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to us. May health and happiness be with you always! Happy Birthday!!!

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Kor Kor

Weekend Wanderings: Amped Trampoline Park

Monday, 21 July 2014

We had always wanted to visit the Amped Trampoline Park ever since it first opened its door. Big J loves running and jumping around and we think he will enjoy jumping on the trampoline. The chance is finally here and we quickly booked a slot last weekend. 

There are two outlets, Tanjong Katong and Jurong East. We booked for the Jurong outlet as it is nearer to our place. We arrived to realise that it is located in an old school compound. Upon entering the 'school', it brought back all the memories of my schooling days in primary and secondary school. How carefree we were then! 

Shutters and high ceiling of the school hall - how nostalgic!

Amped Trampoline Park

Big J couldn't wait to jump right in.

We were all happily jumping!

Selfie taken while lying down on the trampoline.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was therapeutic to jump and run around. It was amazing to see other people doing complicated stunts on the trampolines. Daddy J says it is a good way to burn off energy. We definitely come back again! Here's a video of Big J jumping.

If you are interested in going, we would recommend that you do an online booking as slots are pretty fast-selling especially on weekends. Price ranges from $9 to $16 per hour.

Locations and Opening Hours. Source.
You could even book them for birthday parties or events.

Before going, remember to:
1) Fill in the online wavier.
2) Bring your socks.
3) Try not to bring too much valuables as there are no lockers available. However, there are pigeon holes for you to put your stuffs.

Amped Trampoline Park

Sorry for the blurry photos. These were taken on my handphone and most of the time we are jumping up and down.

Vaby Official Launch and Giveaway!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Following my post regarding the pre-launch of Vaby, we attended their official launch which took place on 28 June 2014 at The Playhouse.

We had a fun-filled afternoon with food, games and play.

Vaby boxes for all

We arrived at the event

Balloon headgear by Mr Bottle's Kids Party

See the cute balloons behind us

Big J busy playing at The Playhouse

Scrumptious food for everyone

Small J took part in a baby contest

Photo printouts from Cloudstaprint

I also get to meetup with the Mommy Bloggers

Everyone went home with the July Vaby box. As I mentioned in my previous post, Vaby Box is a subscription box which allows you to try out samples of the products. This is a brilliant idea if you want to try out the products before deciding whether to buy the full size products.

These are the goodies in the box:
- Adoring Beauty makeup grooming workshop voucher
- Cloudstaprint promotion code
- The Playhouse voucher
- GOO.N diaper
- Nurturmeals by Nurturme
- Paw Paw Papaya Ointment
- Chu-Chu Nursing pad
- Hiruscar 
- Ban Kah Chai Zhui Feng Su Ho Oil
- Naturally Kinder Wet Tissue
- Magnet


How would you like to receive a Vaby Box too? We have 5 boxes to give away to 5 lucky winners. Follow the steps in the rafflecopter to take part in the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
1. Open only to Singapore residents.
2. All entries have to be completed. Incomplete or inaccurate entries will be disqualified.
3. Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
4. Winners are randomly picked and will be announced on my Facebook page and via email.
5. Winners have 2 days to respond, or prizes will be redrawn.
6. Prize will be delivered to winners by Vaby Singapore.
7. Giveaway ends on 27 July 2014 at 23:59 hours.

Good luck!!

Disclaimer: We were invited to Vaby official launch and given a Vaby box. All opinions are my own.

My ABCs: P is for... Procrastinating

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I have not been blogging for the past weeks due to packed schedules. I usually write during the night when the boys are asleep and at the same time limiting myself to stop and go to bed by 12am (like Cinderella). However, for the past weeks, I tend to fall asleep while putting the boys to bed and either waking up past the 12am curfew (so back to la la land) or waking up to find that it is time to prepare for work.

This week on 'My ABCs', we have reached the letter P and P is for Procrastinating.

I'm the biggest procrastinator. I have a long list of ideas and things that I want to do, but this list is just left there waiting. Waiting for the right moment to get it done, perhaps?

At the beginning of this year, I came up with a list of resolutions. I planned to organise my house, embark on some home learning for the boys, get on an exercise regime, enjoy some couple time, etc. Oh, this list looks so big! Until now, I have yet to start on most of the things on the list. I know I shouldn't have come up with the resolutions, because I'm very sure I will not keep to it.

Since we had Big J, I have been eyeing the Ikea Expedit shelf. I have big ideas on how our room would look with the shelf, like this and this. I envisioned how it would be used to organise and store the toys, books, and materials for home learning. But, I procrastinate. It has been until now that Ikea announced that they are going to discontinue this series, that we finally made our way down to Ikea last week to buy it. Yeah, one tick off my list! Finally.

I also have plans to do home learning activities with both Js. In fact I have been surfing and pining loads of resources. However, we have only managed to try a few of them. We did water play most of the time because it is the easiest to put together and is Big J's favourite. The playground is another favourite place for outdoor learning but sadly, the playgrounds nowadays are so boring. No sand, no swings, no merry-go-rounds, no see-saw.

Then, I saw great ideas for play on the Internet, like this cardboard kitchen or this DIY doll house. Sadly, the cardboards, boxes and other recyclables are still sitting in the store room.

I want to reorganise my home, and before I can proceed, I need to get rid of those unnecessary stuffs. For example, this couch which we planned to sell off a year ago but is still sitting in our room now. Any takers?

I hope with this post, it will help me to start moving.

Psst... I have started to sort out all the toys, books and other stuffs to move them into the new Expedit shelf.

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Online Shopping @ Agape Babies

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I first heard about Agape Babies when I was about to give birth to Big J back in 2011. I stumbled upon its thread on Singapore Motherhood Forum while looking around for a breast pump and some baby products. Back then they were already carrying a number of brands and products. 

Agape Babies has since expanded and set up its own online shop. They carry a wide range of premium baby products which includes bath and skincare, organic food, toys, books, baby carrier and even beauty products for mothers! They also have diapers and formula milk such as Huggies, GOO.N, MamyPoko, Friso and Pediasure.

With over 100 brands and over 2000 products, you should be able to get something that suits you and your family. 

Last year, they partnered up with The Sunshine Kids, a kids fashion company, which carries beautiful dresses for your little girl(s) (too bad, we do not have girls to dress up) and cute Trunki luggages. Great online shopping experience when you just need to check out a single shopping cart while browsing 2 different stores. How convenient!

I find their webpage clean, neat and user friendly. Products are sorted and listed clearly and it is easy to navigate around. When you find something you like, simply mouse over it and select 'ADD TO CART', followed by 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' (for more shopping frenzy) or 'CHECK OUT'. You will be amazed by the number of items in your shopping cart at the end of your shopping trip.

Delivery is prompt too. I made my order on a Monday night (11pm) and received the parcel on Wednesday afternoon (I choose courier delivery service). Very good service especially when you need the items fast. Moreover, you can also get to enjoy free courier delivery service when you spend $80 or more.

These are my shopping loots. Swim nappies for the boys and Letterland books for Big J. He is currently very interested in Letterland, hope these books will encourage him to learn more letters and words. We didn't managed to go for a swim these few weeks but I am sure the boys will look super cute in the swimwear.

Big J reading about Eddy Elephant

So Mommies, what are you waiting for? Quickly log on to Agape Babies now and shop away! Online shopping is open 24 hours.

Specially for all The Js Arena's readers: 5% discount off all items (except breast pumps, diapers and milk powder) from now till 12 August 2014. Simply use discount code '5%offjsarenablog' during checkout.

Enjoy free courier delivery with $80 spend.
Get a free Disney stationery set with $150 purchase.
Sign up for their Newsletter to stay tuned of promotions, contests and giveaway.

Instagram: @agapebabies

Disclaimer: The Js Arena received shopping credits courtesy of Agape Babies as part of this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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