My ABCs: P is for... Procrastinating

by - Thursday, July 17, 2014

I have not been blogging for the past weeks due to packed schedules. I usually write during the night when the boys are asleep and at the same time limiting myself to stop and go to bed by 12am (like Cinderella). However, for the past weeks, I tend to fall asleep while putting the boys to bed and either waking up past the 12am curfew (so back to la la land) or waking up to find that it is time to prepare for work.

This week on 'My ABCs', we have reached the letter P and P is for Procrastinating.

I'm the biggest procrastinator. I have a long list of ideas and things that I want to do, but this list is just left there waiting. Waiting for the right moment to get it done, perhaps?

At the beginning of this year, I came up with a list of resolutions. I planned to organise my house, embark on some home learning for the boys, get on an exercise regime, enjoy some couple time, etc. Oh, this list looks so big! Until now, I have yet to start on most of the things on the list. I know I shouldn't have come up with the resolutions, because I'm very sure I will not keep to it.

Since we had Big J, I have been eyeing the Ikea Expedit shelf. I have big ideas on how our room would look with the shelf, like this and this. I envisioned how it would be used to organise and store the toys, books, and materials for home learning. But, I procrastinate. It has been until now that Ikea announced that they are going to discontinue this series, that we finally made our way down to Ikea last week to buy it. Yeah, one tick off my list! Finally.

I also have plans to do home learning activities with both Js. In fact I have been surfing and pining loads of resources. However, we have only managed to try a few of them. We did water play most of the time because it is the easiest to put together and is Big J's favourite. The playground is another favourite place for outdoor learning but sadly, the playgrounds nowadays are so boring. No sand, no swings, no merry-go-rounds, no see-saw.

Then, I saw great ideas for play on the Internet, like this cardboard kitchen or this DIY doll house. Sadly, the cardboards, boxes and other recyclables are still sitting in the store room.

I want to reorganise my home, and before I can proceed, I need to get rid of those unnecessary stuffs. For example, this couch which we planned to sell off a year ago but is still sitting in our room now. Any takers?

I hope with this post, it will help me to start moving.

Psst... I have started to sort out all the toys, books and other stuffs to move them into the new Expedit shelf.

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