My ABCs: Q is for... Qoo10

by - Monday, July 28, 2014

As with most women, I love shopping. However, with 2 young children, it is often quite difficult to go shopping with them. Thank goodness that there is online shopping. In fact, most of my shopping is done online.

One of my favourite places to shop at is Qoo10. There are many things which you can get cheaper or find unique stuffs which are not available in retail stores. You can get pretty good deals when you look out for their time sale. Here are some of my favourite buys from Qoo10.

1. Kids Bookshelf
This bookshelf is one of my best buys from Qoo10. I really like the way it displays the books with the cover facing out. I believe that the pictures on the cover will better attract the kids to read rather than looking at the spine of the book. It always delights me when I see both Js reading at the shelf or picking a book and asking me to read for them.

Doesn't it looks more inviting?

2. Double Boiler
I love this double boiler. It makes cooking porridge and soup so much convenient. I do not need to stand at the stove to ensure that the porridge is not burnt or to worry that the soup might overboil or dries up. This allows me to spend more time with the boys. Recently I even use it to steam rice, that means I can keep away the rice cooker. More precious counter space for other things!

3. Mirabell Playmat
Even though we already have a playmat, I couldn’t resist and bought another one. This was recommended by one of my mummies friends. You know how ladies couldn’t resist buying something when everyone else are buying it too?  This mat is really good. It is thick so I do not have to worry about Small J falling when he is on it. It is lightweight and can be easily folded away when we don’t need it. It can also be used as a small sofa or create a tunnel for the little one to crawl through. How versatile!

Small J playing on the mat

Can be folded away easily or turn it into a mini sofa

4. Happycall Pan
Most people should know how great this pan is. It can cook almost anything without having to worry about the oil splattering or the smell lingering in the kitchen. It can also be used for baking. When I used to cook more frequently, I use the Happycall pan to cook lots of yummy food.

Some of the food I have cooked using the Happycall pan

5. Hair Clipper
Big J doesn’t like to go to the salon to cut his hair so I have to help him cut his hair. This hair clipper is very useful and handy.

Are you a regular of Qoo10 too? Share with me your best buys.

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