Small J is One!

by - Thursday, July 24, 2014

My smallest darling, you are ONE! Time passed so fast, just a blink of an eye and you are already ONE. It feels like I just gave birth to you yesterday and now you have already graduated from babyhood. I can't seem to cradle you enough. I can't seem to forget how small you were when I first held you in my arms. I also can't get enough of your little whimpers when you were just a newborn. Oh goodness, I need more time!

Perhaps you are an easy baby, that's why time spent with you seem to pass so fast. Or perhaps it is with experience that Daddy and Mommy understand that we should always look on the positive side so that our memories are only filled with positives. Happy time always runs too fast as they said.

A year ago, you came into our life. Look at how small you were then. I can't forget the look in your eyes. I was so mesmerised by your eyes when you were brought to me. I could see hope, curiosity, love and happiness in them. I simply couldn't take my eyes off you.

You had your first photoshoot when you were five days old. It wasn't an easy session because you were crying most of the time. If you have noticed, you look pretty yellow in the photos. Mommy subsequently realised that you were jaundiced and the condition was so bad that you had to be hospitalised. I was devastated, crying almost every day while you were in the hospital. Fortunately, you are a strong boy and was shortly cleared.

While you mostly drink, sleep, urine and poo during your first month, you become more active in your 2nd month. You were always looking around when you are awake. You enjoy waving and kicking your hands and legs. You also started to coo and smile. Mommy loves talking and cooing back to you.

Your 3rd month was spent mostly on your tummy, which you really hate. You will squirm and squeal when I tried to put you on your tummy. I'm sure you understand now why tummy time was so important. It was these exercises that help you to move so quickly now. At this stage, you love your fist the most. Your hands were stuck to your mouth most of the time. You also craved for more attention, perhaps you knew that Mommy was going back to work soon.

The 4th month was Mommy's most emotional month because I had to leave you and go back to work. Aww... I missed you so much, thinking if you have achieved another 'first' and I were not there to witness it. Weekends became super precious and we brought you to many places. We brought you for your first swim, first picnic, first trip to USS, fishing and a Halloween party with your little friends! We hope you enjoyed those trips.

A big milestone you had achieved - flipping over! And sadly to say, I wasn't there to witness it first hand. You were about to turn 5 months old.

At 6 months, you can sit upright, which means we can plop you in the high chair during meal time. Mommy can finally eat using two hands. You also started enjoying playing with others, especially Kor Kor. Your eyes literally lit up whenever you see him.

Then, you were down with a really strong virus when you were in your 7th month. You got really sick that you need to spend four days in the hospital. That was the period when you were most upset. You refused to drink or eat and you constantly wanted us to carry you. When you saw the nurses coming in with your medicines, you screamed the most pitiful cries. We felt so heart pain to see you struggling and your eyes were asking us to save you from the pain. Hugs my little baby. Some people say that before a big milestone, some babies will fall sick. And indeed, a few days after you were discharged, you hit another major milestone - crawling! Gasp, the house is getting more dangerous. You also learnt to hold your own bottle!

You had your first trip to a public swimming pool at 8 months. You love splashing in the water and totally enjoyed the swim. You sprouted your first tooth this month too. You also started to blabber, making sounds like 'bab bab bab', 'mum, mum, mum', 'eh eh eh'. We can't wait to hear you talk!

You went to the beach for the first time. It was so funny to see your expression when the waves came crashing at your feet. It was also your first time to an indoor playground. At 9 months, you started to stand with support. We felt so excited as this is the beginning of you learning to walk.

By 10 months, you are getting more expressive, both with your voice and your expressions. You enjoy smiling to people. Love your smiles! You love playing together with Kor Kor. You also went to the Zoo for the first time.

At 11 months, you are beginning to get really mobile. You are able to pull yourself to a standing position and even climb up the sofa! OMG... we need to keep a close eye on you. We taught you how to come down from the sofa safely. You spoke your first word, which is your favourite toy - Ball!! You learnt to clap your hands and knows how to make the 'voom voom' sound when you are playing with cars. So cute!!

You started walking at 12 months. Initially you walked using the walker. After 2 weeks, you could walk a few steps by yourself. You always laugh to yourself while walking, perhaps you love that amazing feeling too. We love looking at the way you walk, swinging side to side and looking about to fall anytime. You had an advance birthday celebration with your little friends. You also had your first TV appearance. We also did a lunar birthday picking to catch a glimpse into your future.

Finally it's the day of your Big One! We certainly enjoy you being with us. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to us. May health and happiness be with you always! Happy Birthday!!!

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Kor Kor

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