My ABCs: S is for... Small Steps to Nicer Meals

by - Monday, August 11, 2014

Big J has always been a fussy and picky eater. He eats very slowly and always makes us very frustrated. Most of the time he needs to be spoon-fed or else he will simply don't eat. However, he does not have such problems in school. His teachers say that he always finishes his food very quickly and even asks for second helpings. I initially thought that the teachers are just trying to show that he loves his food. However, my Mum had secretly went down to the childcare centre to peek and said that it is true. He has no problem eating outside too. 

I wonder why he has so much difficulties eating at home. I thought it might be because the food I prepare is not nice? But he has the same problem eating at my Mum's too. So it should not be due to the taste. I have tried all ways and finally seen some improvements lately. The secret? Beautify the meals and he will be tempted to eat! Just like how Daddy and Mommy eats!

It started out one day when I cut up his bread into cute little shapes. Before this, he was eating at the most 1.5 slices of bread. When he saw the cute little bread, he finished all 2 slices that I had prepared and asked for second helpings. In total, excluding the cut-off scrapes, he ate a total of 3 slices. And it is the same for the weeks that follows. Every weekend morning, he will say he wants to eat the bear bread or the star bread.

Cute little shapes bread with Nutella spread

I tried to mould the rice using the same cookie cutter, but it was a failure. The cookie cutter is too small and the rice is quite difficult to handle. I'm going to buy some rice mould for this. The steam egg with salmon is presented in a chawanmushi style. The herbal chicken shreds is on the side with lots of gravy. He finished everything by himself. Yeah!

Herbal Chicken and Chawanmushi with salmon

Apart from looking nice, the taste is important too. For this, the pumpkin was not baked long enough and the taste was really bad. Though it looks and smell nice, he took one bite and refused to eat it after that. He finished the tomato and salmon though.

Baked Miso Salmon, Baked Pumpkin with Cherry Tomato

I think I am jinxed in cooking mee sua. It always turns out very dry and overcooked. The soup base and meatball for this is all nice but the mee sua absorbed all the soup and becomes very dry. However, Big J finished everything too.

Mee Sua with homemade Meatball, Carrots and Tomato

Most of these dishes are not new, I have cooked these for him before. It is just a different way of presentation. I guess nice presentation of the food really helps to increase one's appetite huh? Now, I need to go search for more ideals on how to make nicer meals for him.

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  1. try going to wokking mum's blog she does cute presentation for food or miss bento's blog.