Weekend Wanderings: Marina Barrage

by - Friday, August 29, 2014

Where can we go on a bright and sunny day? Off to the Marina Barrage we go!!

The first thing we saw was of course the clear blue sky with the beautiful kites flying around.

Spot the cute Minion kite

... and the gorgeous view of the city skyline.

Upon seeing the vast field, Big J started running about.

Run Run Run

Kpo-ing on how to fly a kite 

He even managed to get a muffin from a group
of KorKors and JieJies who were having a picnic.
Look at that smile!

Wow! That's a super big kite.
The kids were trying to catch its tail.

Small J woke up from his nap and started running about too! All these photos are too cute and I had a hard time selecting which to post.

I'm walking on sunshine!

Love his smiles

Together forever and never to part

Some sensory activity - exploring grass

Look in front...

Look behind...

I'm going to fly!

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