Kiasu Mommy in the Making

by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Were you involved in this year's Primary 1 registration? 

Technically, I wasn't involved. Big J is only 3!

However, mentally, I am very involved. I can't believe that I am actually checking out the results of the Primary 1 registration at each phase. I have been following the Kiasuparents forum to learn more about the registration and balloting process and feedbacks about the schools near my house. This is also a good practise for me to get used to the highly competitive and stressful event of the year. Kiasu Mummy in the making here!

There are two primary schools which are within 1km of our house. These are not those big names school, just a simple, typical neighbourhood school. The most important factor for me when choosing a primary school is its distance. I believe that it is much better for the child to stay near to school rather than spending hours to travel to school which could be very taxing for the child. Furthermore, he will still have loads of homework to complete upon reaching home.

These two schools already have take up rate of about 50% up to Phase 2B. In Phase 2C, balloting is required for Singapore Citizens within 1km of school! Talk about competition!

We will fall under Phase 2C which sadly, balloting is a must. Initially I thought we would stand a pretty good chance since we are staying so near to the school. This is stressing me out. If he is not able to get into either of these schools, he will need to travel further away. 

So the question to myself is, should I plan to do parental volunteer work? Or to be actively involved in community service? Or maybe I should consider to homeschool him? Ok, one more year for me to think this through thoroughly. 

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  1. Our education system enrollment is mind blowing. If you do want to consider PV, do check out when they start opening up as the spaces do get filled up pretty fast. That's what I did for my girl at 5 five years old and am "serving" my duties now :)