My ABCs: U is for... Underwear

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

Big J has upgraded from wearing diaper to underwear! Thanks to his childcare centre for helping to toilet train him, he has been on underwear for a few months now. However, we still let him sleep with a diaper on, just in case.

In comparison to his peers, he is considered rather late in toilet training at the age of 3 years plus. Now that he is fully toilet trained, there are some small minor "issues" that come along. Or rather, I would say the loss of the privileges of diaper wearing.

During diaper days, we can simply help him put on a diaper and need not have to worry about looking for a toilet for him when he want to do his business. We also do not wish to be stomped for letting him urine or poo in public. Luckily there isn't such accidents so far. *fingers crossed*

Now, whenever he tell us that he need to visit the toilet, we have to stop whatever we are doing and quickly rush him to the toilet. For a child that has just been toilet trained, every second counts. Furthermore, to encourage him, we prefer not to say things like 'Later', or 'Don't worry, you are wearing a diaper.' To be frank, sometimes it really pissed us off when he just wants to go to the toilet to play with water.

When we are in the toilet cubicle, it is another heart stopping experience for me. The person in the next cubicle would be listening to me gasp many times and also the interesting conversion with him.
'Gasp! Don't touch the toilet bowl!'
'Hold on to your pants, don't pull it down to the floor!'
'Let me wipe first, don't touch don't touch!'
'Don't open the door, Mummy needs to pee too!' 

Bedtime routine is now much longer and complicated then it used to be. It is no longer just putting on a diaper and off to sleep. Most of the nights he will say 'Mummy, I need to pass urine', 'Mummy, I need to pass motion' or 'Mummy, I need to drink water'.

Sometimes, he will also wake up in the middle of the night saying he wants to pee. Gone were the days of sleeping throughout the night. Hello, panda eyes!

I have to console myself that this is the phase of learning independence and  he will know how to go to the toilet by himself one day.

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  1. Yay congrats Big J! Haha the toilet convo is indeed very funny! I think I will be exactly like you when my turn comes!

    1. Don't worry, you still have another 1 or 2 years to go. Enjoy the process now!