My ABCs: V is for... Very Toddler Me

by - Monday, September 29, 2014

Hehe.. Today, I am going to take over Mummy's blog.

Now that I am walking so well, I declare myself a toddler! And as a toddler there are many things that I can do. Let me show you.

1. Climb all over the place... and give my daddy and mummy a big scare.

2. Be naked! I am born naked and I shall stay naked.

3. Eat like there's no tomorrow... and give Mummy lots of cleaning up to do.

4. Wear a funny costume... and ask for a Xmas present wwwaaayyy in advance.

5. Cry! My best weapon to gain my Daddy's and Mummy's attention.

6. Painting. Mummy knows I am going to make a big mess and give me this 'painting in a baggie'. Come on... A toddler like me needs real paint. Next time I will show you body painting.

 7. Sleep. But after making sure that my parents are not able to sneak off without me.

8. Oh.. This is my best skill. Hanging something in my mouth as I walk.

I hope your day is as exciting as mine!

This is a series of post of what each letter of the alphabet stands for to me. Click here to find out the other ABCs of my life.

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  1. That's really a funny post with collages of his milestones! So adorable.