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by - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As mentioned in my previous post, I promised to share more about the Signature Meridian Therapy from Slimming 101.

The Signature Meridian Therapy is an Acupressure body therapy using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Principles. Through the stimulation of the acupressure points, blockages are cleared and the flow of blood is also balanced. This effectively breaks down stubborn fats and increases drainage for lymphatic nodes, hence reducing water retention.

After taking the sauna,  I was shown to a room where I was supposed to lie down on the heated bed. The heat from the bed is suppose to warm your body up and helps improve blood circulation. It is very comfy too!

The therapist then proceeded to perform acupressure on my meridian points. Pressure is applied to the lymphatic points to clear any blockages. Blockages in the the lymphatic points can cause fats and toxins to be build up in the body. So it is important to ensure that the lymphatic system is at its best condition to allow the body to detox and prevention of water retention. 

Working on my fatty tummy

After the massage, the therapist covered me with a plastic cover, followed by a thick heated blanket. I had to lie inside and sweat it out. Initially it was still quite comfortable and I even fall asleep. The therapist came to check on me in between and to wipe off the sweat from my face. Towards the end, I woke up due to the heat and I could feel my sweat tickling down my body. I was like sleeping in a puddle of water.

The therapist came in and turned off the heated blanket but I was to stay inside for a few more minutes to allow my body to cool down to normal temperature. Once I cooled down, the therapist proceed to remove the blanket and the plastic cover. I think this was the time I sweat the most in my entire life. But the therapist still commented that I sweat very little!

The treatment was over and I was asked to take a warm shower. We did an after-weigh and I lost 200g.

Not a lot, but I am amazed that in the days that followed the session, I continued to lose more weight. I can feel myself going to the toilet more often and this is a sign of detoxing and that the lymphatic system is working well. Most importantly, I am finally down to 48kg (I have been hovering between 49kg and 50kg for a super long time!), and the weight did not bounce back. I did not cut back on my diet and was still eating normally. Occasional junk food too!

Happy me can't wait to see more surprises. Follow me in my next post as I share about Slimming 101's latest Duo Advanced Body Define treatment!

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Slimming 101
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Contact: 67373101


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Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts sponsored by Slimming 101. I was invited to try out the sessions of therapy as part of the Slimming 101 Slim 9 Challenge. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are 100% mine. Results may vary.

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  1. U're already so slim! Haha

    1. Slim but got fatty and flabby tummy. If can get back my flat tummy, I will be super happy!